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"Kindergarten Teacher Confirmation"

TESTIMONIES of The WORD of the Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! I had the Pleasure to Prophesy and Speak the WORD of the Lord to a Woman Yesterday Via my Ministry Website As I was Shown in a Vision this Woman carrying BOOKS on what looked to be a Campus.

The WORD of the Lord was revealed to me about her saying " I see you as a TEACHER, I see MINISTRY will come before you as well with Teaching. YOU will Juggle one day with Family and Career and MINISTRY. I see Kindergarten age before me as you will TEACH my Little ones says the Spirit of the Lord" This Woman Responded back to me saying (Hi Steven this word

bear's witness to my Spirit. I am currently a substitute teacher in state of Georgia. My season of subbing is coming to an end because God wants me to get my certificate to teacher. I believed that I will open up my own academy that's where the teaching will come in because God has shown me marrying a pastor and I will need this under my belt) and she went on to say one last thing. ( I mostly sub for kindergarten thru 2nd but I have been doing lot of kindergarten lately sometimes I ask myself why lol.)

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus my friends, God is so good...


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