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"Diamond in the Rough Prophecy Fulfilled"

When I Prophesy and Speak the Word of the Lord over someone, one thing that I have become Accustom to which is Unique that I don't see or hear from most is the Consistent Accurate IMPRESSION of Months and Seasons as the Holy Spirit Ministers through me. Here is another Word of the Lord that I spoke over this woman September 29, 2014 and at the End of this word I told her to watch out for the Month of APRIL next year 2015 as I felt lead to say that this will be significant in her life and Journey before the Lord. PLEASE read and be encouraged in Christ Jesus in whom I give ALL the Glory to Serve in this Capacity to everyone that comes before Me and This Gifting of the Lord. Blessings

Word of The Lord

As I brought you before the Lord sister I am being shown a Diamond coming down out of the Heavens, I am seeing this like a shooting star so bright and I am in Aw of this sight and the Scripture comes into my spirit of Matthew 5:14 says "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." and I hear the Spirit say this to you " YOU are my Diamond in the rough says the Spirit of the Lord, for you think that I have overlooked you, that I have forgotten you and the work that I have put in your Heart will not come to pass, for I say that I am the Lord and I will Finish that which I have started in you, YOU are my Diamond in the Rough, for many have seemingly passed over you but I have always know where you have been, for I have Hidden you for this reason, I have Protected you and your family until the Season of the Lord will be upon you and then the Diamond will rise and be seen by Many, even your enemy's will take notice and see the Hand of the Lord in your life and Prosper that which your hands have toiled with so many years now and the DREAMS that I have put in your Heart will take flight before me says the Spirit of the Lord and you will TOUCH many with the Prosperity that will be coming your way because of your faithfulness and the testing of the Lord as the Diamond will shine before many says the Spirit of the Lord this day, so be of good cheer and I will open the doors that know man can never close says the Lord" AMEN! I went on to say by Divine Revelation Knowledge this to her " I have the Impression of the Month of APRIL 2015 (Next Year) of being of significance for you, so I would Journal this word and Pray over it and bring it before the lord". There was so many confirmations in this word to her as she revealed to me when it was spoken, but the best was this comment she posted on the Month of APRIL 2015 as I spoke back in September 29,2014. This is her update below.

Feedback on month for APRIL 2015 - My husband and I have been called to be part of leadership in a church announced on the 5th of APRIL. We will be acknowledged as PASTORS on the 3rd of MAY.

This my Brothers and Sisters is TRUE Prophecy spoken and fulfilled according to the Word of the Lord. GODS timing is PERFECT as he has already scene all of our futures. To JESUS be all the Glory!

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 a part of YOUR Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus!



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