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"BANK Teller Vision Revelation Reveal"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord Revealing SECRETS of Men and Woman! I recently Prophesied over a young woman who had me bring a specific question before the Lord. She requested the "Ask your own 1 question" Prophecy option on my website and Her main question was about why jobs and promotions have seemingly been passed up for her. I inquired on her behalf this question before the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord showed me in a vision her present JOB and also told her to watch out for a very specific time frame in the near future which I then by the Spirit I called out her Birthday and a specific Holiday that is celebrated here in the United States. Amazing Prophecy as SECRETS were Revealed for her and gave her confidence and HOPE to believe that the Lord is working on her behalf to bring her a Promotion and or NEW job that will bring her great joy during the Labor Day Holiday Season here in the United States. Please read below as your Faith is raised to believe for your questions to be answered with such Specifics from this Gifting within me my friends. To JESUS be all the Glory and Honor! I cannot stress this enough that it is not me that is able to predict and reveal such revelations, BUT Christ in me by his Holy Spirit is due all the Honor and Glory to the Father. Blessings and enjoy this uplifting Testimony and her Gracious words towards Gods Gifting within me.

Her Prophecy is below THE WORD OF THE LORD:

As I brought your questions before the Lord 4U dear sister, I am being shown a vision from the spirit and I see you handing out money to people and I have the Impression of like a TELLER at a bank? I don't know what you do for work now or career. But I see this vision very clearly and I am Impressed to say that there is definitely going to be INCREASE 4U in the form of Money and Prosperity. Again, I don't know if this vision is symbolic or just for you in general, but I see you handing people money and I see you blessing them as if you have such overflow within your household is that you are blessing other people with the generosity of a gracious Heart. Your 1st concern of you mentioned why is there always hold up with jobs 4U. I asked the Lord this and I feel that you will be coming into a greater awareness of what the Lord is preparing you for. I have the Impression of SEPTEMBER of this year 2017. I don't know where you live in what country, but I have the Impression of a Holiday that is in the United States is called Labor Day and it's usually at the beginning of the Month of SEPTEMBER. I feel that this is going to be a very significant time frame 4U in the relation to work/job. Your second and third concerns are going to go together from what I hear in the spirit 4U. Again, I don't know what you do for work/job/career, but I have the Impression that you will be moving on from where you are at presently. I feel that doors of Opportunity are going to be opening up 4U in a similar but different arena of work that you are familiar with and I feel that SEPTEMBER will be bringing more light on this additional path you will become familiar with shortly. It's like you will be doing kind of the same thing, but for a different person or company and I have the Impression of INDEPENDENCE and I see INCREASE and I feel a very significant increase in Pay as well. I keep on seeing the vision of you handing out money to people and I see you standing behind like a TELLER desk/window that you see at banks and I see you handing money to people as if you giving them change, BUT I feel this is actually a blessing you are giving them and it's as if you are planting seed as well into their lives and in turn YOU will be reaping rewards into your own household says the Lord. Look to the month of SEPTEMBER which is actually coming up shortly. I feel that this time frame from my Impressions from the Spirit is going to start in a path towards more of independence 4U. I see the Lord working on your behalf and even through the rest of this year 2017 I see more than one Opportunity that will be presented to you in the arena of work and I see that 2018 into March/April will become a prosperous time 4U as well, okay, this is the Word of the Lord in regards to Your Specific request and question.

Her exact words on what was revealed to me by the Spirit. Her present JOB and Labor day in September which is her Birthday as well. AMAZING!

Thank you so much Mr. Steven, your are such a blessing to many many people.. I greatly admire what you are doing to help others and for sharing your gift. I give all the praise to and glory to God but yes you are correct I work at a BANK now as a TELLER and I have been in Head Teller in training for a year with no promotion or raise and actually Labor Day which is September 4th I will be on vacation and it's also the DAY OF MY BIRTH.

Scroll to the top of this Testimony and Request Your Personal Prophecy from me dear friend. There are presently 8 different Prophecy Options for Specific Personal Prophecy on my Ministry website to choose for every arena of your life. What the Lord Revealed for this man HE can do for You. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within me, Amen and Amen. Thank You JESUS....

In His Love and Service


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