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"The BIRTH CERTIFICATE Revelation Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! I recently had a Prophecy request from a man who requested "Ask your Own 1 Question" Prophecy Option on my Ministry website which is becoming the most requested option that I am presently offering. This man for the past 3 years as I will show you in his own words the question below he has been receiving and seeing a sequence of Numbers and Dates literally for 3 years and although he could detect a portion of probability of it, but why was he constantly seeing of this as he explains almost every day. I knew nothing or had any foreknowledge of him or his question or the numbers and date that he relayed in his question. You will read my Impressions from the Spirit as I will post most of his Prophecy and Word of Knowledge of the Reveal from the Holy Spirit. God is always speaking to each of us my friends and each of us individually and specifically in HIS own way and in HIS language which we need to keep our spiritual ears and eyes open as we become sensitive to the Holy Spirits voice. Read this neat Prophecy and Word of Knowledge Reveal and his validation back to me in his own words "PRECISE" and the Gift within me to help to encourage and Reveal the Mysteries of God to those that seek my counsel on this Online Ministry platform. Amen and to JESUS be all the Glory!

His Question to me below: :

I have been getting strong impressions about this date and time November 16 1983 9:11 am. This started about three years ago, not a day goes by without me being reminded abut this date and time. I look up its on the clock, or I see it on tv and magazines. This date and time is very much a constant every day, it never fails. Please tell me what this date and time mean?

The Reveal Word of Knowledge/Prophecy below:

I Inquired of this question of NOVEMBER 16 1983 9:11 AM dear brother and I have to admit this is a bit different concerning not just the date but also a specific time of 9:11 AM. I am so inspired to say and speak that this is a BIRTH DATE of a Individual and that this Individual is going to be very significant to you says the Lord. Only you would know of possible friends or family but I am very confident that these numbers that you are seeing and even specific to the hourly time is very unique and I feel you are being shown this for a reason and you are not being mislead or guided as you keep seeing this and I am confident is from the Holy Spirit. I am also inspired to speak that it is by know accident you requested this question and also the Love & Relationship Prophecy my friend. I am inspired to speak and say that this ENTIRE date could revolve around your future helpmate that I believe the Lord has 4U. I keep on having the Impression of FAMILIARITY of this date and time that my witness in my Spirit is going to be a individual that is going to be very close to you and I want to say like a TWIN if this will make sense now or possible in the Future, but something to do with FAMILIARITY and the word TWIN and I want to say like you are looking at yourself in the Mirror and I have the Impression from the Spirit of a very special bond that will come from this 4U, and that the Lord is revealing this to you now. This is actually very special my friend and this does not happen to many people. I will say this without overstepping the boundary's of the Holy Cannon (Bible-Holy Scriptures) that are guidelines for the Christian to live by and believe as a basic guide to living and be lead by the Holy Spirit in this life we all live on this Earth, BUT I also believe that there is much more to all our story's and our lives on this Earth that are hidden from all of us, but one day when we see him (JESUS) WE will be like him 1 John 3:12 and all our questions will be answered in that moment. With that said my friend my Impressions from the Spirit is that this date and sequence is in fact a BIRTH DATE and I feel in the Future you will be shown exactly what it is meant to be for and possible for whom. okay, these are my Impressions and I pray that is has given you some comfort and assurance that you are not going crazy in seeing these come before you on a regular basis. Blessings in Christ to You!

His Response to the Prophecy and Word of Knowledge Reveal below:

I had to go back and look at my birth certificate and see what time I was born. I was born on November 16th 1983 @ 9:11 AM. The accuracy with which you answered this question was precise! The gift you have is truly amazing and very helpful. God bless and thank you for your time it is very much appreciated!

Request your Prophecy today my friends for your Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus who has all the answers to our questions as this man was blessed and encouraged in his walk before the Lord. Ask of my Counsel and Request your Specific Prophecy today. I have now over 8 different Prophecy Options available to choose specific for your life. Scroll to the top of this page and request your Personal Prophecy today!


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