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"Holy Spirit BOOK Prophecy Confirmation"

More Testimonies of the Word of the Lord revealing the Hearts and Secrets of Men and Woman! Here is another neat little Testimony of a woman I just Prophesied to recently as she requested the Ministry & Gifts Prophecy option on my ministry site. The Word of the Lord revealed a particular Gift of the Holy Spirit that she is very strong with and her sensitivity to be able to hear the Holy Spirit's voice to minister to people. Although during her Prophecy I never call out anything about a book she had just finished writing about her experience's with him (Holy Spirit) but I do describe in detail about her sensitivity to hear the Spirit's voice and the Gift of the Word of Knowledge which is very strong within her. I reveal in her Prophecy that one day she will speak before groups of people and churches and share her Testimony of her Gift and also she will be Teaching others on how to position themselves to hear the Spirit clearly as she. I was shown a vision of 2 Angels that help set up divine appointments for her to use this Gift of the Spirit to minister to those that the Lord directs her to. Just a neat little Testimony I pray will encourage you to believe for your Special Breakthrough this day my friends. Her Prophecy and Testimony and response back to me literally within 1 hour of her receiving it from me. She asked the Lord for a confirmation of her ability to hear the Spirit as she does and her experience's she has had because she just finished a book about all of that and was nervous about having it published or not. She received her Prophecy from me and CONFIRMATION was revealed and her Destiny is beginning to unfold before her very eyes. To JESUS the CHRIST do I give all the Glory and Honor of such a precious Testimony for this lady.


As I brought your request before the Lord I am inspired to speak and say from the Gift of God within me of the Impressions of the Spirit 4 U that the Lord has instilled within you the Gift of Word of Knowledge that is strong within you dear sister. You may already be flowing in this now, but if you are I feel there is going to be a increase in your ability to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit even clearer says the Lord. I see a vision of you in a church surroundings and I see speaking to people and people that you don't even know are my Impressions from the scene before me, I see you speaking and revealing the words that you are hearing in your spirit to them. I see you actually ministering to these people and laying hands on them and praying for them now. I just want to encourage you now that if you are not flowing in this Gift of the Holy Spirit to start and step out in faith and see what God will do from what the Spirit is trying to convey to me 4 U. I feel that you do hear the Spirit when he speaks to you about things and people, but sometimes you feel it was just your mind saying these things to you, but in fact it was the Holy Spirit trying to get your attention to begin to start stepping out and obeying what you are hearing in your spirit and being used of the Lord with this Gift. I see Angels around you as well as I am typing this Prophecy now, and I see divine appointments that you will be lead to begin using your Gift and I see these 2 Angels helping you in your stepping out in Faith more to believe what you are hearing is from the Holy Spirit for people. I see you even ministering one day in a church setting as if you will be teaching others how to hear and telling your testimony one day of what the Lord had done in your life to begin to minister to people and hearing the voice of the Lord to bring encouragement and confirmation into others lives, Amen. These are my Insights from the Spirit 4 U this day L**a. I just want to bless you and encourage you in Christ Jesus the Lord. This Gifting of the Word of Knowledge is strong within you and I pray that you will keep moving forward and believing the Holy Spirit and stepping out in faith and blessings others with what God has blessed you with dear sister. Amen and Amen!



Thank you so much for your words from the Lord. I’ve just completed my first ever book of my experience with the Holy Spirit and wanted to have a confirmation from someone in the ministry I trust. With the words you have spoken to me by the Lord I am going to move forward and get the book published and “that” will be a huge step a of faith. Thankful for you!

Have a great week!

Scroll to the top of this Testimony Post and request your Personal Prophecy from me my friends. What the Lord did for this lady he will do for you as well. The Word of the Lord is Uniquely strong within me to bring HOPE into the lives of people just like yourself. There are over 50 Testimonies you can read now on my site for encouragement to believe the Lord for your Specific breakthrough in any arena of your life. It would be my Honor to bring your Request before the Father this day.


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