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"Miracle Love Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of The True Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! I Prophesied to this Young Woman you are about to read about as she chose the "Love & Romance" Prophecy Option on my website back in June of 2018. She had recently broken off an Engagement with her Fiancé and was very dishearten and feeling that she would never ever Love again. The Word of The Lord was released into and over her life as I Prophesied of a New friendship that would come before her by the end of 2018 and called the Month in which this would happen in a very unusual way as the Lord was going to bring back Hope into her situation for this arena of her life. Read the confirmed Prophecy below and her very gracious words of how this Unique Prophecy came to pass in her life as a Car accident she was in "Divine Appointment" brought about the New Friendship I prophesied about and now a full Relationship she is now in with this young man as the Word of The Lord was fulfilled! What God did for this young woman he can and will do for you my friends and in any arena of your lives. To JESUS CHRIST do I give all the Glory and Honor for using the Gift of God within me to bring such Encouragement and Joy into people's lives. Request your Specific Prophecy from me Today as there are 8 different Prophecy Options to choose from including Love & Relationship, Job & Career, Ministry & Gifting's, ask your own 1 Question, 6 Month Prophecy Forecast and more on my website Today. Amen and Amen...

Her Prophecy below June 26th, 2018, Read Now:

I brought your request and also question before the Lord on your behalf concerning the past engagement that has been broken off and I am inspired to say and speak as my Impressions from the Holy Spirit that the Lord is saying that it is time to move forward as your best days are ahead of you says the Lord. I am being shown that even this year of 2018 and even the month of NOVEMBER will be a very significant time frame 4 U to be aware of dear sister as a Divine Appointment will come before you. I am inspired to speak and say that even as the Holiday season's will be approaching that there is going to be a new friendship that will cross your path and bring a smile to your face says the Lord. I feel that this friendship will move along slowly but gradually pick up pace as 2019 will be experienced. I feel that this friendship will merge into a full relationship as the springtime of 2019 will be seen and grow strong and stronger into the rest of 2019 says the Lord to you this day! Amen and Amen! So be it Lord for J*****s happiness in this arena of her life in Christ Jesus this day.

Her Gracious words of Confirmation of this Prophecy coming to pass Read Below Now:

Man of God, the prophecy has sure come to pass when you had given me a Love & Romance prophecy back in June 2018. Around the month of February 2018 my ex-Finance and I had called the engagement off, I was broken into a thousand pieces. I felt like that event that occurred in my life was the end for me and I would never be able to genuinely love someone again! I felt like my whole life was a wreck and just was in a really dark place. God had blessed me to come across your website and to receive a prophecy from you about my love life. At first, I was questioning what you had told me because I didn’t know how I would allow another man in my life so soon, AFTER AN BROKEN ENGAGEMENT! God is God! He healed me and he has blessed an amazing man into my life around November and December, just like you had said prophet in my prophecy that I had received from you. His name is D****k, and how we met was when I was involved in an accident and my car had gone into the ditch. By the Grace of God, I had walked away with no injuries and my car was fine! D****k had stopped on the side of the road to help pull my car out of the woods. Ever since that incident D****k and I have grown closer as friends and is currently now in a fresh relationship. I’ve never felt so much joy and happiness in my life. He’s an amazing man, and I thank God for bringing him into my life! Thank you, prophet!

Scroll to the top of this Testimony and Request Your Personal Prophecy from me dear friend. There are presently 9 different Prophecy Options for Specific Personal Prophecy on my Ministry website to choose for every arena of your life. What the Lord Revealed for this woman HE can do for You. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within me, Amen and Amen. Thank You JESUS....

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