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"Emergency 24 Vision Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of the Lord revealing the SECRETS of men and woman! You are about to read another Great Testimony of how Specific God's Gift within me brought Immediate Confirmation and Encouragement into this woman's life who had a very Specific question that she obviously needed in regard to her Career Path and chosen field of work. The True Word of the Lord was released as I had no Foreknowledge of her situation, but the Lord did and through His Gift within me I was able to bring Hope and Relief of Her concerns of having to go back to work for a previous Job/Career that she needed to no which path to choose. Read below in what I was able to reveal for Her and Specifics of this Job would only be Temporary and that she would resume Her Dream job shortly in the near Future as she relayed this in Her own Words of confirmation of the Vision I was shown for her situation. Be blessed and request Your Specific Prophecy from me Today in Christ Jesus and to JESUS always all the Glory and Honor for every Personal Prophecy that comes to pass through God's Gift within me, Amen!

Her 24-hour Emergency Question April 14, 2022: Will I be going back to A******** S***?

The Word of The Lord Released April 15, 2022, Her Prophecy and Vision and Interpretation Below:

I brought your request before the Lord dear sister, and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions and Insights and Visions and Wisdom from the Gift of God within me reveals that the Choice will be Yours to make says the Lord!


I was shown a vision of You walking to a closed door and as You got closer to this closed door the door opened on its own and as I kept on watching this vision before my eyes I was expecting You to go walk Through this door but as you got closer to the door You stopped and just started looking forward at the open door as if You were contemplating something and then the Vision was gone before my eyes. I was expecting you to walk through the door as I felt this is going to be an Opportunity that the Lord has or will bring before You as I don't know if this A******** S*** is something that you desire to do as your request above says go back? My Interpretation of the Vision in Human words is that I feel strongly that this will or has been offered to You or is something that you are possibly Pursuing, and, in my Spirit, I feel this is a question that You need to decide for Yourself as the Lord has given all of us Free Will to decide in regard to our Destiny's. Either way the Lord is with You as the Scriptures tell us that all things work for the good for those that believe in God. My last Impression about the Vision is that whatever this A******** S*** is will be what I will say is going to be a short Assignment if Pursued, other words I feel it will be Temporary but will have a Purpose and that will be between You and the Lord, okay. This is my Interpretation and Godly Wisdom in regard to Your request J****. I can only pray that it has brought encouragement and Hope into Your Future and all that God desires to do in Your life in Christ our Lord. Amen!!

Her exact Gracious words of confirmation and Interpretation of the Vision shown to me on her behalf, read below:

Hi Steven,

Your vision lines up with my situation. I am contemplating going back to A******** S***, my old (online) job, because my plans to start a business have not gone as planned. I have to go back to my previous career of transcription for the time being out of financial necessity, and A******** S*** seems to be the best option.

Indeed, this is only temporary. I am just doing this to have some financial stability, and I plan on focusing on building my online business later this year. I will quit A******** S*** once I have found success in my dream career.

Thanks for the insights,


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In His Love and Service



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