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Get Your Prophetic Word Request

I have a good friend of mine who has been out of work for over 1 year now and she just couldn't find a job. She is very well educated with a Masters Degree is Phycology and has much training in schooling and undergraduate work in the same field but she could not find work for her chosen hearts desire of what she wanted to do with her life, she just turned 28 last week which was January 7th 2023. I asked he if she has been praying about this to the Lord or have anyone else praying for her because Prayer does work and it can change things when things seem hopeless, all we have is prayer really. She said she has been praying but with not answers from the Lord. I told her about a man of God I actually know personally who has ministered to me and very accurate for a Get your prophetic word request from him and I told her that may be she should contact this man of God for a get your prophetic word request just like I have done in the past.

Well, a few weeks went by and she still hadn't found any work and I asked her has she tried to contact the man of God I told her about and his website which I gave to her also 2 weeks ago which is She said she doesn't know if that will help her or not but I told her it couldn't hurt to at least try, what do you have to loose, right? Well she finally agreed to my logic and she put her order in for a get your prophetic word request with this man of God and she waited and waited and waited because it can take up to 10 business days to receive your get your prophetic word request from Prophet Steven who is the man of God in which I have been referring to in the previous Paragraphs. Well, she finally got her email get your prophetic word request back from Prophet Steven and Steven Prophesied that by the month of MARCH 15TH this very Year of 2023 she would be working in her chosen field of work as a Phycologists which s what she has all her schooling and degrees from and also Steven Prophesied for her get your prophetic word request she would actually receive 2 offers by March 2nd and then she would actually have to choose which one she wanted and that MARCH 15TH will be her first day on her new Job, Wow, what a Prophesy with such specifics but the only thing is that is about 1 and a half months away before all this us supposed to happen. So my friend just thought that well if it's gonna happen it will happen if this man of God really here's for a get your prophetic word request from his website.

Well, February came and went with no offers for any kind of work for her BUT guess what? On March 1st 2023 she received TWO offers for two different jobs both being a Phycologist in her home town which would be so convenient for her to drive just a few miles to work and back every day. She had her TWO choices now that prophet Steven spoke about in her get your prophetic word request that she received late January this year. So now it looks like his get your prophetic word request is coming to pass but now she needs to choose which of the jobs she wants to take. She took the second job offer and just by chance they said that she would be starting on MARCH 15TH 2023 would be her first day of work which is exactly what Prophet Steven spoke about in her get your prophetic word request back in late January. What a Great testimony and testament of the Gift of God within Prophet Steven. I am so happy for my Friend and she loves her new job and plans on being their for a long time because it's so close to her home and the Pay and money is better than she expected for just starting out, such a blessing in disguise for her as well.

I wrote this Blog Post to encourage all you others that may be reading this not to give up in any situation of your life regardless what it may be and to remember that God has His perfect timing for all things and when my friend put her pride aside and contacted Prophet Steven at his ministry website of and then asked for a get your prophetic word request form him and the rest is History and she got her Miracle Breakthrough for her dream job really close to home and great pay and money. There is nothing to impossible for God and the Gift of God within Prophet Steven is second to none on the earth today by far. Just go to his ministry website and get your prophetic word request and see what God will do on Your behalf through Prophet Steven Today, Amen!

More Grace and Love to All

Get your prophetic word request
Get your Prophetic word request


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