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Receive My Request Personal Prophecy

Blessings to all in Christ the Lord and another great day for a Blog Post Testimony of the Power of Receive my request personal prophecy as you will be uplifted and encouraged as the Gift of God within me Predicated this mans future wife and when he would meet her and where he would meet her even to the very day that's how Specific the receive my request personal prophecy Gift of God is within me.

The day is Sunday April 1st 2001 and I received through my ministry website which was brand new at the time because the Internet at this time was brand new if some of you older people like myself can relate. But this man contacted me through my ministry website of and he chose the receive my request personal prophecy option on the request personal prophecy page I had at the time. The Internet was new and websites were starting to come onto the scene and my first ministry website was called Personal Prophecy 4U. Well, this man made his request in the Love & Romance Department of the receive my request personal prophecy page. He was a man in his early 40's and still not married and wanted more than anything to meet his helpmate for the rest of his life and actually even at his age still make a family with his soon to be wife that I will be Prophesying to him shortly about how GOD was going to move on his behalf and have him meet his wife which was 20 years his senior, lol. I think that is pretty cool to be honest with you because in doing this GOD new then that this man could have a family because His wife would be 20 years younger than him and it's like the old saying, "You are only as old as You feel and age is just a number"

I went into Prayer for this man's counsel before the Lord for his receive my request personal prophecy and the Lord told me that this man would meet his wife on April 20th just 20 days later from making his receive my request personal prophecy from my ministry website. Now, April 20th is very specific and it landed on a Friday as the word of the Lord was revealing all this specific information for this man to meet his wife on this specific day and that it would be in the evening of the nighttime and it would be a Full-Moon as another sign that He would remember to testify of the receive my request personal prophecy I would be relaying to him via his email address directly to his inbox. I sent his receive my request personal prophecy on Tuesday the 3rd 2001 and spoke of all the specifics you read about in this Paragraph but read below my exact words of his Prophecy for his receive my request personal prophecy, read now below is what I sent to him on Tuesday April 3rd.


I brought your request for a Love & Romance receive my request personal prophecy and the Lord says that you will meet this woman who is going to be your wife on a day that will take you by surprise and it will be in the evening of the late hours of April 20th as the full Moon will be seen, so shall this woman appear to You as you will turn and look into her face as the cool breeze of the nighttime sky will be illuminated by the full moon as you will look into each others eyes as a stroll in the park will bring these 2 hearts together as 1 and she will be a young woman of great beauty and half your age, but love will bloom as the morning dew will be seen as conversation will go through the entire night as your New Helpmate will be this woman as April 20th will be the day and night of Love & Romance will begin as marriage will come by years end and a family will be realized by 2002 says the lord this very day.

Now, it's April 21st early morning and I get a email from this man who said that all that I prophesied to him about his meeting a woman and the exact date and a full moon and half his age all came to pass in his receive my request personal prophecy from me from the Lord speaking through me to him for his future wife and family.

I received even and invitation to their wedding on November 9th 2001 as I attended their wedding and then he testified that she became pregnant by the end of December 2001 and was expecting their first child by the end of August 2002 as I prophesied his receive my request personal prophecy. What a great Blog Testimony my dear friends and it's all true and came to pass as was spoken through the holy Spirit through me on April 2nd 2001 when I brought his receive my request personal prophecy via email through the brand New Internet that had just come on the scene and that is when my on-line ministry was birthed as well.

I just want to give Jesus all the Praise and Honor to be used in this way to bring such hope and happiness into peoples lives like this man who was in his early 40's still waiting for that special woman to come into his life and it happened as you just read and I give God all the Glory.

Thanks for reading this my daily Blog Post and more will be coming as more testimony's and the Miraculous and supernatural ways of God through the receive my request personal prophecy you can get as well at my website of

More Grace and Peace for all


receive my request personal prophecy
Receive my request personal prophecy


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