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Request a Prophecy 2024

Request a Prophecy today for the upcoming Year 2024 and be encouraged that what you will recieve will be validated and Guranteeed the True Word of The Lord for the next 12 months. Request a prophecy now and be amazed as Predictions and Insights from Prophet Steven will encourage your walk with the Lord. Request a prophecy for January 2024. Request a prophecy for February 2024. Request a Prophecy for March 2024. Request a Prophecy for April 2024. Request a Prophecy for May 2024. Request a prophecy for June 2024. If you do this now and do just 6 months and see how request a Prophecy from Steven will encourage Your life in such a dramatic way as valaidation will come as Steven carry's the True word of the Lord for peoples lives. Now, then as you will be able then to request a prophecy for July 2024. Request a Prophecy for August 2024. Request a Prophecy for September 2024. Request a Prophecy for October 2024. Request a Prophecy for November 2024 and then request a prophecy for December 2024 which will give you all 12 months of the year. You can visist Steven's website and request a Prophecy just click the link below.

Request a Prophecy from a man who has been throught it all and has lived to tell of all his supernatural experiences and dreams and visions of heaven. Many say that they can Prophecy and many say that they can predict the future for your life but none of them can deliver the True word of the Lord for your life as accurage as Prophet Steven is able to do with Testimonies documented and verified for many years now. You can visit his ministry website and read all the testimonies and be encouraged for your life in Chirst today. You can do this and click the link below and request a prophecy for 2024 and receive 12 specific prophecy's for each and every month and be enlightened and Joyfull that God's hand is on this man for a request a prophecy for your life, click the link here and make your request.

Read this testimony below as just a example of the request a prophecy 2024 you will get if you desire Steven's counsel for your life in 2024. Read below and be amazed and make your request a prophecy today for your Future tomorrow in Christ the Lord.

Steven's Prophecy for this Individual and then read the confirmation given validating fulfillment of Steven's word for their life come to pass.


I saw your request dear sister and felt in my Spirit to put you at the top of my list of requests as there are many, but I wanted to bring Your Mother B***y before the Lord and inquire on her behalf for a Strategy to come against this COVID which has afflicted many around the World. I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions and Insights and Wisdom from the Gift of God within me to reveal that for the next 7 days YOU and I will be agreeing together in Prayer and Decree according to Job 22:28 which says that "Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee" as well as Matthew 18:20 which says that "For when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them" (we will be gathered in Spirit) Now, as I was in Prayer for Your Mom I was inspired by the Holy Spirit as HE brought before my Thought Process of the story of Elisha the Prophet in 2 Kings 5:14 (go read if you are not familiar with this passage of scripture) but a man (Naaman) came before Elisha and wanted to be clean from Leprosy and Elisha told him to go dip himself in the River Jordan 7 times and on the 7th time He would be made whole and Healed. I am inspired for You and I together and if you also have friends and family that would like to join us in Spirit to begin Praying, Interceding, and Decreeing with Authority starting Monday March 1st through Sunday March 7th to come together for 7 minutes each day and bring our Petitions before the Lord on Your Mothers Behalf. I typically begin Prayer before I start Ministering Prophecy for people at around 7:15am Eastern time everyday Monday through Sunday depending on my schedule for Prophecy requests. So, I will bring your mom B***y in Prayer for 7 minutes each day for the next 7 days starting tomorrow myself, but if you feel led to begin today as well that would be fine as well because she is Your Mother and I know you are always praying for her regardless. I am just being Faithful to what I feel lead of the Holy Spirit to do, this is not a thus saith the Lord kind of word, this is just me being OBEDIENT and trusting Jesus according to His word for a Healing/Miracle to manifest in Your mom's life and for Her full recovery in JESUS name and to JESUS we will give all the Glory for putting on the Armour of God and the Sword of the Spirit to combat and come against any dart of the enemy and we will do this together and believe and thank the Lord for Victory even now!!

Her exact Words below of Confirmation and how God did a Miracle and raised her mother up Completely whole!

Hi brother Steven, I just wanted to let you know that my mother was able to come home this week. Thank you for your prayers and obedience. To God be the glory!

What God did for this daughter for her request for her mother's healing HE can do for you as well my friends, NOTHING is too hard for our God. Scroll to the top of this post and Request a Prophecy from me today.

Request a Prophecy 2024 and be encouraged for your life dear friend.


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