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Request Personal Prophecy

Request personal prophecy here for the upcoming year 2024 as Insights for each month as each month will bring Prophetic Insights before Steven as his Spiritual eyes are opened for your life as you request personal prophecy for 2024 as Specifics are revealed in visions impressions and spiritual foresight through the eyes of the Prophet through the request personal prophecy platform for your life specifically in 2024. Request personal prophecy today and even though it's november 14th 2023, Steven will bring your name before the Lord for the Future because that is exactly what a Prophetic gifting is all about to encouarge someone's future days and months and years on the earth in Christ Jesus the Lord. Request personal prophecy below and click on Steven's Ministry website Request Personal Prophecy 4U at

Request personal prophecy today for bits and pieces of your life will be revealed to Steven for greater enlightenment and greater clarity for 2024. Request personal prophecy and become a testimony as Steven has prophesied to 1000's in the arena of request personal prophecy and begin to udnerstand what the real request personal prophecy can and should do for someone's life that request personal prophecy from a proven ministry and gifting within Steven since his birth on the earth. Request personal prophecy today and receive the encouragement and hope that you deserve and that God the Father wants for your life through Christ Jesus the Son by the Power of the Holy Spirit all 3 in 1 and this is how Steven's Gift of request personal prohecy works. You can request personal prophecy from him just follow the link below to his main page and read everything about this unique man and gift form God at

Read another great testimony below of request peronal prohpecy and then request your own request personal prophecy from Steven for 2024 and be encouraged in Christ this day.

TESTIMONY request personal prophecy:

Word of The Lord: I have the Impression of July-September timeframe will be Key for you and even Family for Breakthrough and Finance's will flow, and even possible Travel will be in the equation for you as well. I see a Key unlocking a door, and I sense that during this timeframe Opportunities will present themselves for growth in finances and Family will be a part of this as well. Please be in Prayer about this before the Lord my Friend.


His Responded back to me saying that He Started a New Job on July 1st and even received other Opportunities for work as well during this timeframe. He was asked to fly to Dubai as well for another Job offer as the above word spoke of TRAVEL will be in the equation as well. Now the most incredible thing concerning this Prophetic Word coming to pass is that he was Jobless for a long time and struggling to make ends meet for himself and his family, as I had No idea of his situation, but the Lord did, and the Prophetic Word was Released and REVEALED into his Situation and came to Pass as was spoken by through God's Gift within me. ALL the Glory to JESUS!

TESTIMONY request personal prophecy:

I brought your request before the Lord dear sister and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions and Insights and Visions and Wisdom from the Gift of God within me reveals that all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his Purpose (Romans 8:28) says the Lord to you this day my Daughter.


I was shown a vision of You dear sister and now it makes sense to me in regards as to what I was shown as I saw you in a bed and I saw you writing down peoples names and beside their names was some kind of description and my Impressions is that they are Prayer requests for people you were writing down. I saw this in a Night Vision and I had the knowing that it was You in this bed and the Lord is saying that while you are bedridden now that HE is going to use You to even intercede for other people and I see the Gift of the Intercessor coming upon you and the Lord using you to Pray for others and I even see this like a Ministry 4 U. I see you writing down scripture verses as well on little pieces of paper and these little messages will be handed out to people and I believe even in a church setting if this makes sense, but I see you doing this and even though you are not able to attend church, you are being a blessing to others that will get these little note scriptures that I see you writing down. I don't know if you have done anything like this before, but this is what I was shown and I just relay this in regards to what the Lord is trying to convey 4 U as you will do much for the Kingdom of God regardless of Your situation and the Lord is Honoring you and acknowledging you and I feel this is almost like a commissioning of some kind that the Lord is going to use you regardless if your bedridden or not, but I also feel the Lord is going to Touch you Tremendously in the Future and we are going to believe together for Your Total Healing, okay. I pray that you have been blessed and encouraged this day in Christ our Lord, Amen...


Thank you again Steven,

You Are correct. I had totally forgotten about what I used to do. I love encouraging others and I love beautiful notes and cards. I used to give people these cards and notes with an encouraging scripture or message and insert that and a beautiful white hanky inside an envelope for them specifically . Some, if I remember correctly I would send online by making beautifully designed backgrounds for the writings and send them out. I enjoyed this so much.

Though my circumstances have drastically changed from then and a loss of all family and friends and no church. Maybe I could pray into this again with the people on Facebook. I know everyone can use a word of encouragement or a scripture verse.

Thank you for reminding me of this.

This my friends is true request personal prophecy in action through a yeielded vessel and real gifting from the Lord. Steven gives Jesus all the Praise and Glory as any request personal prophecy will come to pass through God's gift within him for many many years now. The online Platform has allowed Steven to Prophesy to just about every country on the Earth because of the Technology of the age. Request personal prophecy today for your 2024 year and get ready to celebrate and be encouraged in the Lord. Amen.


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