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Request Personal Prophecy Emergency

Blessings to You all my Faithful Blog Post readers!

Do I have a Testimony for you to read today about a woman who had a terrible dilemma who needed Immediate assistance and my kind of request personal prophecy emergency Counsel as my Gift from God at times can be life or death in someone's life in regards to being attached by the Darkness of True Evil of what is called to normal people "Ghosts" by I know who these so called Ghosts really are and I know how to help people like this woman you are going to read about who was being tormented day and night by a Evil Ghost entity, and this is where her story begins and Testimony ends as God's Gift of Prophecy for a request personal prophecy emergency is exactly what was needed as the Lord Jesus Intervened on her behalf through my request personal prophecy emergency 24 option she chose for my Godly Counsel.

This woman contacted me via my online Ministry website Request Personal Prophecy just like all of my clients have to do and make their request personal prophecy and hers was a EMERGENCY and I have and option called Emergency 24 request personal prophecy which means that I will respond back to them within a 24 hour timeframe with their request personal prophecy and in her case it was the Emergency 24 Prophecy Option.

Her question was a bit different but none different that was very common in the days that Jesus Christ actually walked the earth in Human form. Jesus encountered numerous people that were demon possessed including the story of Mary Magdalene whom Jesus cast out 7 evil Spirits from her and set her Free of the bondage of these evil fallen angels which still Rome the earth today and plaque different people just like the woman who reached out to me for her request personal prophecy emergency 24 option, she needed help right away.

Her question was this for me to bring before the lord and she said that she was being harassed by a invisible force and it was mainly inside her house she lived in for 5 years. She basically was living in a Haunted House.

The spirit which is not a human spirt but is in fact a fallen Angel from Heaven that happened even before Time was created by God the Father and the Earth was formless. Lucifer who was at one point the head and most glorious of Angels that God had created was called the Morning star. To make a long story short Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and took with him 1/3 of God's angels followed him and God cast Him out as lightning descents into the abyss of the inner Earth is where Lucifer was doomed to live with the fallen angels. This lady was being tormented by one of these fallen angels and needed my help with her request personal prophecy emergency 24 prophecy option.

I went before the Lord on her behalf for her request personal prophecy and the Lord responded for me to tell her to begin to anoint her doors with Holy Oil and pray and command in the name of JESUS that this evil invisible entity fallen angel must leave as she took authority over it and commanded it to leave in JESUS mighty name and then the Lord told me to tell her when she does this as a sign from Heaven there will come a wind literally within her household like a swirling wind and this is going to be the Holy Spirit of God cleansing her house of every evil spirit that was there and that was the end of her request personal prophecy instructions I was to relay to her to do Immediately.

I emailed back her request personal prophecy of what to do and with the holy oil anoint her doors and windows as well from the outside so that no more evil fallen angels (Ghosts) can ever come back into her Household ever again and I told her about the wind as a sign that the Holy Spirit was cleansing her house. She did as I said and the very next day she emailed me back and said that her House was clean and she felt the swirling wind of the Holy Spirit when she commanded the demon to leave her house in the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth.

What a great Testimony of the word of the Lord coming to pass for this woman in need immediately and needed emergency assistance that I offer through my website of Request Personal Prophecy. I want you dear Blog reader to be the next great Testimony of the Gift of God within me to bring such hope into peoples lives just like this woman received her Miracle turnaround within 24 hours for her request personal prophecy emergency 24 prophecy option I offer on my online ministry website. Amen!

More Grace and Peace to all

Prophet Steven

Woman receives freedom from evil spirit with a request personal prophecy from Prophet Steven Svec
Request personal prophecy


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