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My name is Steven Svec. Please click the 4 links below and you can read a bit more about me and who I am and my Heart to serve and use the Gifts of God within me "Request Personal Prophecy" Through this On-line Platform that has reached literally just about every Nation on Planet Earth for the past 9 years now. I give Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior all the Glory and Honor due his name for calling me to be used in this Capacity. God Bless you all and "Request Personal Prophecy" Through God's Gift within me Today in Christ Jesus the Lord.

Request Personal Prophecy Today Specific 4 Your life in Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior of the Human Race. In His Love & Service Steven

This is a Picture of me and my Dog "Missy" She is a Therapy dog that I take with me everywhere I go as she brings a smile to everyone's face that comes into contact with her. She is such a Blessing to me and another avenue I am able to share the Love of Christ to the Hurting. The Holy Spirit guides me into divine appointments daily by taking Missy on her daily walks as she Loves on everyone, as we come into contact with people that want to pet her the Holy Spirit will speak to me SECRETS "Request Personal Prophecy" about that person's life as I share the True Word of The Lord "Request Personal Prophecy" in everyday conversation that Shock people as the Love of God is on display for all to see. My Personal Mantra is this "Your Talent is God's Gift to you, what you do with that Talent is your Gift back to God" I have had this Gift of Request Personal Prophecy from my Birth and there is a BIG difference from being born with Request Personal Prophecy God's Gifting Like for me as I am in control of my Gift 100% of the Time. I can Prophesy "Request Personal Prophecy" to anyone at any time as I have learned throughout the past 35 years to Yield to the Holy Spirits Voice with My Prophetic Mantle "Request Personal Prophecy" within me at a moment's notice to reveal people's names, addresses, conversations, work, or whatever needs to be revealed that will open up the door of opportunity for me to share the saving grace of Christ Jesus that the Holy Spirit directs into my Path by just walking my dog Missy daily. Request Personal Prophecy Specific Prophecy from Me today as a part of your Destiny will be revealed in Christ. I Guarantee 100% you will Never be the same, NEVER! I carry the True Word of The Lord within Me and I am not ashamed to use it for God's Glory 24/7 365 days a Year. Request Personal Prophecy from Me Today and be Amazed.

You can also visit my Ministry website and read over 80 TRUE Verified Testimonies of Request Personal Prophecy the Lord has used me to Prophesy to over 10,000's of people worldwide. So if Your looking to hear the Real Word of the Lord especially for the Year 2024 as I can Prophesy each and every month 4 U January through December 2024 as You Request Personal Prophecy and You will receive Specifics for each month in detail of what the Lord will allow me to see and reveal for Your life in Christ.

It would be my Honor to serve You in this capacity as You Request Personal Prophecy from me Today.


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