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Request prophetic word for your entire year of 2024 from a proven and tested Prophetic Voice and Seasoned Prophetic Ministry and Prophetic Gifting to the Church. Steven as been Prophesying through the online Platform for 9 years now and has touched the lives of Thousands and Thousands of People Worldwide and from every nation on the Planet. Request prophetic word and never be the same as such Precise and Accurate Revelation flows through Steven 24/7 365 days a Year since his supernatural birth on the Planet. Request prophetic word is truly and art and when its done through a yielded vessel can be life changing. Request prophetic word is real from Steven. Request Prophetic word is Real through Steven. Request prophetic word is needed in the modern church today with signs and wonders following Steven's request prophetic word ministry. Request prophetic word and click the link below and receive your life changing anointed word from the Lord

Request prophetic word from the heart of a real gifted individual is rare on the earth today. Request prophetic word from Steven and your life will never be the same in Christ Jesus the Lord. If your seeking greater clarity in this life and need Godly counsel than your in the right place and reading the right Blog Post as Steven delivers the True word of the Lord when you request prophetic word from him. Request prophetic word today and be overwhelmed with specific insights for your life in Christ the Lord. You can request prophetic word by clicking the link below will take you to Steven's ministry website at

When you connect with a truly gifted and inspired individual like Steven, only then will you realized what is real and what is fake especially in today's social media fake content and social media platforms. Request prophetic word from Steven today for Your Future tomorrow as Secrets are revealed for your life's path in God through Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior of the World and Human race. Read the Testimony below and be encouraged for Your specific request prophetic word ministry breakthrough through Steven's life and Ministry. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by request prophetic word from him. Read the testimony below and then request prophetic word for yourself this day.

Steven's Prophecy to lady

So shall the Ministry of helps and Serving be brought to the Forefront of your mind process. This will start out small, but your Gifting in this Arena that is dormant now shall rise to the top and be seen and evident by many says the Lord, for I have put a Heart to give your Brothers and Sisters and giving shall entertain your Path before many in My Kingdom says the Lord this day to you my Daughter

Her Response and 100% Confirmation to this part of her Prophecy below:

Oh yes!!! This makes my spirit leap!!! HELPS & HOSPITALITY were the very words going through by mind in my prayer time day before yesterday. The entire word bears witness with me!!!God bless you!!!!!

Notice that the Prophetic Word I spoke to her today spoke of her THOUGHT PROCESS of the Ministry of Helps Gifting. The Lord confirmed this very Prophecy as HE revealed this to her in her Prayer time a few days ago even before I Spoke and Prophesied this to her today by the Prophetic Gifting within me. To JESUS be all the Glory my Friends. The Word of the Lord Confirmed, Amen. God is so Good! I am always amazed!

Scroll to the top of this Testimony and Request prophetic word from me dear friend. There are presently 8 different Prophecy Options for Specific Personal Prophecy on my Ministry website to choose for every arena of your life. What the Lord Revealed for this woman HE can do for You. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within me, Amen and Amen. Thank You JESUS....



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