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Request Prophetic Word Power and Purpose

Request Prophetic word has become the normal now in the modern church age but few still don't understand the Power and Purpsoe of a real request prophetic word in operation correctly. Request Prophetic word will bring the Power of God into and over someone's life if the request prophetic word is real. Request prophetic word will also bring God's purpose for that individual that is receiving the request prophetic word as well. There should be confirmation and edification and love and compassion in every request prophetic word delivered by a trained and gifted individual. The best Ministry and Giftinig I have come across through the online platform is Prophet Steven Svec. You can reach him at his ministry website called Prophetic Insights 4U or you can request prophetic word at his ministry website of

Request prophetic word when received correctly will bring the presence of the Holy Spirit. If a request prophetic word is given and there is no love or edification than the request prophetic word was given out of season for that particular individual who request prophetic word and received what I call a false request prophetic word. Unfortunately the Inernet and social media is full of ministries that try and offer request prophetic word but don't deliver the true word of the lord for your life. That is why I fully endorse Steven at His ministry website Prophetic Insights 4 u and you can request prophetic word and read all about his ministry from his home page website at

Please read this amazing testimony below from Prophet Steven and this individual who did a request prohpetic word from him and received his miracle request prophetic word breakthrough in the Lord, read now below and then get your request prophetic word form Steven today.

Request prohpetic word Testimony:

Request Prophetic word vision (read below)


As I brought this specific question before the Lord for you (Job/Career), I am being shown a vision of you all dressed up in a nurse outfit? I see a smile on your face, and I see you walking into rooms with people in them and I have the Impression not of a hospital, but I have the Impression of the elderly? It's if you are like a Hospice nurse, but these people are not dying you are attending to. I feel that the spirit is relaying this for you to keep this option open if you haven't entertained it yet or not. I feel this is a natural quality you have to take care of people, but I feel the spirit is showing this as a possible avenue for you to look into or possibly a door will open for you in the near future for something like this.




I have a Testimony for you. It's not a hospice job but it is a caretaker job and I worked for them before, and I quit because I felt like the Lord didn't want me to work back then. I was praying about it and two days after you told me about the vision in the Prophecy with the nursing outfit, they called me back "the caretaker place" and they offered my job back to me and now I can go to school to be a certified nurse assistant and get a job in the hospice.



What a great Testimony as the Holy Spirit revealed to Steven in the vision for this lady and he knew nothing of her back round or intentions as she then received the job offer back to where she used to work 2 days AFTER the request Prophetic Word Vision was revealed and released into her life and confirmation was witnessed in her spirit and she received the Job offer and is pursuing her heart in this arena of her life. To JESUS be Glorified! I am always amazed, every time....

Thank you all for reading this Blog Post for request Prophetic word purpose and power in Jesus name.



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