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Request Prophetic Word Personal Forecast Today! I will bring your Name before the Lord and Inquire on your behalf as to what the next 12 Full Months of your life will look like as EACH months Prophetic Insights are Revealed to me by the Holy Spirit through Impressions, Whispers and Visions with GLIMPSES of your Future revealed before my Spiritual Eyes. I will then convey EACH month into a small Sentence/Paragraph as the Interpretation of the Prophetic Utterance as the Word of The Lord is Revealed 4 U. 

Request Your 12 Month Prophecy Forecast Today in

Christ Jesus and be Amazed!

Please Allow for all Prophecy Options 10 Full days from Request to Receive Your Prophetic Word.

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About Me

In February of 2013 I had a Supernatural Face to Face Encounter with the Lord Jesus Himself.  Since this Encounter I have been able, by the Spirit, to Help, Encourage and Speak the Word of the Lord to all that are seeking Direction in their life.


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