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Request Prophetic Word

 Request Prophetic word online now. A Prophetic Word Received from a Gifted Individual is Powerful as Secrets are Revealed for Your life's Path in every Arena of your life Past Present or Future. A True Prophetic Word will bring Confirmation and Predictions that will have the ability to Release Your Destiny for Your Greatest life in Christ Jesus. Get your Request personal Prophetic Word option below and Allow up to 7 Days to Receive Your Specific Anointed Prophetic Word Email From Steven that will bring Hope into any situation that you are going Through in Your life right now. What is so Special and Unique about this Ministry is that You will Receive Your Request Prophetic Word online Directly 1 on1 from Steven and nobody else. Steven has Spoken 10,000's Request Personal Prophetic Words and Prophesied into people's lives with Testimonials following the True Word of The Lord within Him for the past 9 Years through this Online Platform with Specific Pinpoint Accuracy. Get Your Request a Prophetic Word from Steven Today and be Amazed for Your Future Tomorrow and To Jesus be all The Glory when Your Prophetic Word comes to Pass. Get Your Prophetic Word Request Now as enlightenment will reveal a clearer path for your Perfect Destiny in Christ The Lord for your life.

Real Personal Request Prophetic Word

Experience the Difference 4 Real!

All Request Personal Prophetic Word FREE Ministry is no charge. What Your Sowing into is Steven's Time to seek on Your behalf through this on-line Platform before The Lord with His Gift of Prophecy with TRUE Testimonials following His Words and Predictions that have been Validated throughout the Many Years Now. Read all the Testimonials Here and be encouraged for YOUR Specific Prophetic Word Breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord.


Matthew 10:41 "He who receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophets Reward. And he who receives a righteous Man in the name of a righteous Man shall receive a righteous Man's reward"

Request Personal Prophetic Word today and experience the transformation power of spiritual revelation. Embrace clarity, purpose, and direction as Steven Gift of Prophecy taps into the spiritual realm on your behalf. Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive a unique and empowering prophetic word that speaks directly to your situation. Trust in Steven's expertise to illuminate your path.

Embarking on a spiritual journey to seek divine guidance through Request Prophetic Word is a transformative experience. Through platforms like Steven's ministry, seekers encounter personalized prophecies that illuminate their life's path. The essence of Request Prophetic Word lies in its authenticity and precision, ensuring that each prophecy is rooted in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


Witnessing the profound impact of Steven's Gifting firsthand, individuals find solace, healing, and renewed faith. Steven's ministry exemplifies integrity, offering genuine prophetic guidance that resonates deeply with seekers. As individuals embrace the transformative power of prophecy, they embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment.


Trusting in the guidance received through the Holy Spirit, seekers navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity. Through Request Prophetic Word, individuals are blessed with divine revelation that guides their steps and brings blessings into their lives.


Act now and submit your request for a profound prophetic word that will shape your destiny.

9 Prophetic Word options  

Job & Career 4U

This Request Prophetic Word Option is for you if you are still searching for your Passion in this life?  Let me bring this SPECIFIC question before the Creator of the Universe and bring Enlightenment and Hope into your Quest for meaning and fulfillment for your Passion to Provide for yourself and even your loved ones. Please allow Full  days from Request for your Word.

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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Ministry & Gifting's 4U

This Request Prophetic Word Option is for you if are you still seeking and asking what kind of Ministry and Gifting's are within you from the Lord?  Let me bring this SPECIFIC question before the Creator of the Universe and bring Enlightenment and Hope into your Quest to begin to flow in what the Lord has already pre-Destined 4U even before you were born onto this Earth.  Allow Full  days from Request for your Word.

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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Love & Romance 4U  

This Request Personal Prophetic Word Option is if you are a SINGLE woman looking for that special man? Or are you a SINGLE man still looking for that special woman?  Maybe you are Divorced or Widowed? Then this would be the Prophecy Option Request 4U. Let me Inquire on your behalf and share what the Spirit will reveal for your happiness.  Please allow up to
7 Full
 days from Request for your Word.

Real Prophecy Real Results!


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Ask Your Own 1 Question 4U

This Prophetic Word Request Option is for anything SPECIFIC that you would have me inquire of the Lord on your behalf.  Just Email the 1 Question on your Request when donating.  I will Pray accordingly before The Lord on whatever that Question may be in Regard to your life or the lives of Others. Please allow Full  days from Request for your Word.

If you don't send your 1 Question when donating or unable locate the section on PayPal for comments (write a note to merchant), I will contact you via your email address through your PayPal Receipt within 24 hours of donating or you may do the same and send your Question to my online email address on Your Receipt.  Your Question MUST be under 75 Letters Long Max.

Example of a loaded bad question:
I want to know about my Kids, how are each of them doing and are there anymore in my Future?  This is 3 Questions loaded into one will not be excepted.

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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 Emergency 24 Now 4U

Do you have a EMERGENCY that needs a Answer and or Resolution ASAP? With this Option your question will be answered within a 24 hour time frame and put on the top of Steven's Prophetic Word Requests.  Your 1 Question will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY with divine Revelation and Prophetic Insights as the Spirit will Reveal 4U. Send Your 1 Question to Steven's Ministry email address at after Purchasing this Prophetic Word option and you will receive your emergency Prophetic word within 24 hours from day of request.

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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Prophetic Insights 4U - Traditional Prophecy

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This Request Personal Prophetic Word Request Option I will inquire before the Lord on your Behalf that will Reveal Past Present and or Future of what the Spirit desires to convey concerning your life as the Lord will allow.  This would be like a (Traditional Prophecy) completely lead by the Holy Spirit for Your Life.


 Please allow 7 Full days from Request for your Word.  

Real Prophecy Real Results!

6 Month Forecast Prophecy  4U

This Request Prophetic Word Option I will inquire on your behalf before the Lord for the next 6 months of your life.  Impressions-Whispers and Visions as the Holy Spirit will reveal before my Spiritual eyes as Glimpses of your Future are conveyed of the Prophetic Utterance into a Sentence and or short Paragraph for each Month Interpreting the Language of God in Christ Jesus!

Please allow 7 Full days from Request for your Word.

**I am lead 100% by The Spirit with this Prophecy Option with NO Additional Specific Questions can be asked.

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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12 Month Forecast Prophecy  4U

This Request Personal Prophetic Word Option I will bring your Name before the Lord and Inquire on your behalf as to what the next 12 Full Months of your life will look like as EACH months Prophetic Insights are Revealed to me by the Holy Spirit through Impressions, Whispers and Visions with GLIMPSES of your Future revealed before my Spiritual Eyes.


I will then convey EACH month into a small Sentence/Paragraph as the Interpretation of the Prophetic Utterance as the Word of The Lord is Revealed 4 U.

Request Your Personal Prophetic Word 12 Month Prophecy Forecast Today in Christ Jesus and be Amazed!

Please allow 10 full business days to receive this Prophecy Option

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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Health Report Analysis 4U

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This Request Personal Prophetic Word Request option is for anything in regards to your Health. What I am able to do through the Impressions and Insights and Visions from the Holy Spirit is relay what information I am able to receive and bring into perspective of areas of concern of you body. This also is the perfect option if you are suffering with a condition that medical doctors are not able to help with as I allow questions you can relay to me as well about and issue that is plaquing you and I receive information of what can be done to either Heal or bring relief to your body. Jesus Christ is the Healer and God still Heals in the name of Jesus and performs Miracles just like He did in the 1st Century Church He does today still because HE (Jesus) is the same today and tomorrow and forever as the scriptures tell us in Isaiah 53:5 "By HIS Stripes we are Healed" and 1 Peter 2:24 says "He (Jesus) himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness: by his wounds you have been healed"

The most important aspect of our lives on this Earth is self Preservation and taking care of our body's as this is the temple of the Holy Spirit ( 1 Corinthians: 6)

I am not a doctor or physician but I will always try to help and bring the Lord's perspective into a life of walking in divine Health and Healing of the Human body for the Glory of JESUS alone. If your suffering with physical Issues or if you would like to have the Holy Spirit bring information to be aware of in your body to get checked out by  your Personal physician, this would be the option 4U as well.

Real Prophecy Real Results!

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