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"Golden State Bridge Vision Fulfilled"

More TESTIMONIES of the TRUE Word of the Lord Foretelling and confirming! I want to share a Word I Spoke over a Woman July 2014. I Prayed for her and Spirit of the Lord showed me in a Vision a Bridge over a great body of Water, I had a Knowing that this was out West in the United States and I had the Impression of the State of California, I had a knowing that this Bridge was the Golden State Bridge, I was then shown by the Spirit a Man with a Mustache, I knew that this Man would somehow be a Connection for this Woman and that she would Travel to California in the NEAR Future was my Impression for her. I relayed what I was shown for her as this Woman was a Missionary and shared with her what the Spirit showed me, and she replied back via email that she has never been to California or knew anyone in California and was living in Florida at the time and said she would Pray over this, and we left it at that.

In September 2 months later, she contacted me via email and asked me if I had the Prophecy because she had discarded it because it sounded to off to her, I found it and forwarded it to her. She then let me know that she met the Man with the Mustache who was her contact to California out West. She visited this great State in December and the town she visited was called Carmel, which is 1 hours drive from the Golden State Bridge which I was shown in the Vision back in July of the same year.

What a Great Testimony! ALL to the Glory to God! This my friends is TRUE Prophecy and just because at times when you receive a Personal Word that sounds so incredible it can't possibly be God or come to pass is when GOD is GOD and I am just the messenger relaying what God wants to reveal. This is just one of Many Prophetic words that I have seen come to pass since Speaking the Word of the Lord and helping and Encouraging People into their Destiny on the Earth both believers and non-believers alike, GOD is so good my Friends and has a Plan for each of our Lives.

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus!



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