"The FISHING Decree Revelation Reveal"

More Testimonies of the Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of men and woman! 6/9/2017 is a day I will always remember for this divine connection for ME and this Little old Grandma I will be sharing to you about. Because of the demand of the Gifting within me and the recent Increase in Requests for me to Prophesy through my Online website, I decided TODAY 6/9/2017 to step out in Faith and go full-time with the Ministry.

I Prophesied in the morning getting caught up on some of my requests and then decided I needed a break to clear my mind and so I decided to go FISHING at the local creek/greenway in my home town in the State of Tennessee. Little did I know that the Lord had a divine connection for me there to Minister to this lady who was a Grandma watching her 2 grandchildren play in the stream near where I was fishing at. I walked by her once and said Hi as i was heading over to my secret little honey hole where I know there is usually a big bass or 2 just waiting for me to catch them. As I walked by her I felt the Impression of the Spirit to speak a bit more with her then, but i was so pumped up to get to my fishing spot, I shrugged it off and just kept on moving towards my destination in the middle of the stream to fish. I caught a few fish after a couple hours and headed back the same way where the Grandma was still sitting on her lawn chair reading a book and watching her grand children play. As I started heading in her direction the Holy Spirit was giving me a name of Tina/Trina is what I kept on hearing in my Spirit. I thought that this was the little girl's name her grandchild at the time were my Impressions. I walked by this lady again and before I could say anything to her, she asked me what I did for a living? She didn't know why, but she had this urge to ask me this and then she just stared at me, lol. I told her what I do and my Gifting and that I Prophesy to people and that today was my first day of full-time Ministry in this Gift for me. I then asked her who Tina/Trina was as I heard this name from the Spirit. She told me that it was Tina and that is her daughter. She began to then to share with me about a legal court decision that the family was involved with and if they should get a attorney or not. I told her to ask me a question and not to give me anymore information of what is going on with all that. Her Question was simple (remember, I am a total stranger and she has the FAITH to ask me a question) She asked me if the decision will be in their favor for the outcome of the courts findings of whatever it is. The Spirit of the Lord moved apon me as I then Prophesied what I was hearing from the Spirit for her. I told her that within 10 days from today 6/9/2017 there will be a decision that will be made for her and her family's sake. FAVOR will given to her from the Lord and she will win her battle in court on this Issue. I Prayed this over her and DECREED in the name of Jesus this will come to pass and had her decree it with me as we held hands and believed the Prophetic Anointed Word would come to pass for her. What a great story my friends, This really happened today and was divinely orchestrated by the Lord. I could of been at my normal job working and never of been able to be used of the Lord to help this woman, who was a complete stranger to step out in faith and ask a total stranger (A Prophet) and the Word of the Lord went fourth and I believe will come to pass for her and her family. To JESUS be all the Glory and the Father lifted up do I give all the Praise for allowing me to be used is such a way.

Request YOUR Specific Personal Prophecy today, 4 your Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus my friends.. I am always amazed...



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