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Request a Prophetic Word Career

Are You looking for Request a Prophetic Word Career?

Good day once again all my Blog Post Followers and I thank the Lord for each and everyone of You who take a few minutes of your day to read my Posts of the Gift of God within me to bring Hope and Encouragement into peoples lives through the arena of Request a Prophetic Word and the Gift of Prophecy within me since my birth to Predict and Prophesy the true word of the Lord for everyday people just like the testimony you are about to read right now. This man who came to me for help through my online ministry called Prophetic Insights 4 U. He had to apparently good Job offers at the same time and he needed to make a decision right away within 24 hours. Lucky for him that I have a request a prophetic word for a 24 hour turnaround Prophetic word for my Service's in request a prophetic word.

Why Seek a Prophetic Word for Your Career Path?

He chose that option and submitted his request a prophetic word and his question was that he wanted to know which Job offer to take. Both Jobs were in the same career chose that he already was in, but he was looking for more opportunities for advancement and more money.

He submitted his Resume to too different company's that offer his skill sets and they both received his resume and both offered him a job on the same day and he needed answers right away because there were other applicants these two other company's were considering.

Read his request personal prophecy below and his gracious words of appreciation of God's Perfect timing to take the right job offer as only God can do this kind of a Miracle and use the Gift of Prophecy within me to help this man and his family for financial success.

Request a Prophetic word Career

I brought his request a prophetic word before the lord and I was shown visions of people and I was shown visions of street signs and words that I didn't understand but I typically never do because the information that I receive means nothing to me but it will mean something to my clients and those I'm helping with my request a prophetic word option I offer on my ministry website. Well, I sent him everything that the Lord showed me in the visions of people and street signs and numbers and even buildings and what the Holy Spirit was saying to me about each vision to say to the man who had request a prophetic word from me for a career job offers as he had 2 of them and needed to know which one to choose best for him and his family and watch how God worked all this out for the PERFECT job choice for him to choose, read below his gracious words as I call out the street sigh called "122 Destiny Avenue" and I also revealed to him a building of the vision I was shown with 9 stories high and all brick and it had a swinging door for people to go in and out of and I also saw a vision of a man with glasses and short hair and his name was Robert is what the Holy Spirit told me. I relayed all this and listen and read his response below for his request a prophetic word he got from me.

Unveiling the Power of Prophetic Guidance in Career Decisions

Dear Steven,

Thank you so much for your service and Gifting from Heaven it seems to me anyways, but what you said and described was actually the job I was most likely leaning towards. In your request a prophetic word prophecy you mentioned the "122 Destiny Avenue" well that is where this job is located on! I mean that is spot on to perfection to get that information as I never told you anything about either job or where they were located and the building firm in which I would be working is 9 stories high and a brick building as well and the man you described who you called out as Robert would actually be my New boss and he is the one that interviewed me, another Miracle of God! I am so Impressed by your Gift my friend for me to request a prophetic word and use the 24 hour emergency service you offer on your website is such a blessing to me and my family and now I know which job God has for me between the two, I know which one to choose now all thanks for your gift of Prophecy and request a prophetic word and the 24 hour emergency option, such a blessing and thank you sir so much for helping me choose the right Job with my Career.

What a great Testimony and great Blog Post my dear followers. it's my honor to share my Gift for request a prophetic word for all that would need my Godly counsel and Gifting in the Prophetic ministry. I want you to be the next great Testimony of God's Gift in me so please request a prophetic word at my ministry website of to Jesus be all the Glory and get ready for the next Blog Post Tomorrow as another great Testimony will be revealed to bless your day, Amen!

More Grace and Peace to all


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Request a prophetic word

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