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My Endorsements

"I have always honored and respected the office and ministry of a prophet. I have had many prophecies spoken over my life, I would say over 15 prophets have given me words. Many have materialized, others I am still waiting and others I have put them aside. In my 51 years of being a Christian, I have also come to realize that many a times the "prophetic" has become "pathetic", but that's why the bible instructs us to test the spirits to see whether they are from God (1 John 4:1).

I come across Brother Steven Svec ministry about a year ago. What a wind of fresh air he has brought to the prophetic and to my life. It has reminded me of Acts 13:2, where a directive "word of wisdom" given through prophecy to the disciples. I have received "words of wisdom" from Steven Svec lead by the Holy Spirit that have been spot on with clarity and to the month as prophesied. I am not referring to one prophecy only, but several prophecies. The prophecies received have served for edification, exhortation and comfort. Always placing our focus and trust in Jesus and giving Jesus all the glory.
I would like to endorse Steven Svec' ministry, "propheticinsights4u" to those that have been down hearted, lost there first love and are seeking confirmation from the Lord, to get hold of Steven Svec. Remember that he is just a vessel made available to be used by God. The words that I have received could have not been more uplifting and even more when they have come to pass. Steven has truly been a blessing in my life. Thank you Steven for being a blessing to me."  
-- Vitor F.
"In March of this year I got a word of the Lord from Steven. That blew me away. I have for some years felt that I was supposed to do something with singing and music and playing the piano. The word I got was a conformation that what I was feeling, seeing, and hearing from the Lord was correct I wasn't crazy. The amazing thing is In the word there were things that I know only the Lord would know. I could truly feel the fathers heart in this word. It encouraged me to continue pressing forward."  
-- Jennifer C.
"Steven is truly gifted and hears from the Lord, he prayed for me and gave me insight to the future, he had given me a word that are family was going to have a baby and about a year later my daughter is having a baby not only is she having baby she is having twins, I must add that she had trouble conceiving and we had to wait on the Lords timing, he has encouraged me and he hear's from the Lord. He also gave me a word said that i would be going thru healing's and since that word, i have been going thru inner healing. I would recommend sowing in to his ministry for he has been such a blessing to me, if you come before a prophet, bring a gift for him. I will be sowing into his ministry again. He is for sure hearing for the people, God bless him and may your ministry grow."  
-- Ann H.
"I was totally blown away with the word he gave me. It was exactly everything I have been praying for. As I was reading it my Spirit was leaping inside. It has not happened yet, but I know that it will come to pass. He truly is sensitive to Holy Spirit." UPDATE The prophecy that he gave me has come to pass now. I truly didn't realized it was about God restoring me and my ex-husband after 5 years of divorce. As of Dec 2017 we are back together.
-- Christine S.
Steven truly has an amazing gift from God! He has blessed me with his prophecies many times over this last year. The level detail he is shown and the accuracy in the prophecy are astounding. Thank you Steven for the prophetic words you’ve shared with me and my son that were spoken over us. With that brings such hope, encouragement and comfort in my life and in the life of my son, and for that I am truly grateful! Thank you so much for sharing your gift and ministering to the body of Christ!! Such a wonderful blessing from God!!
-- Suzanne N.
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