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Request personal prophecy Today for Your Tomorrow in every arena of your life through the supernatural gifting of Prophetic Insights 4U Ministry here. Do you believe in the real request personal prophecy? Many claim to have this supernatural Gifting from God but they don't have the request personal prophecy testimonies to back up their claims of having a real request prophetic word from the creator of the universe. Request personal prophecy is available through a real man of God in Steven who has carried this special gifting from God since his birth on this earth and he uses it for the glory of God. You can request personal prophecy from Steven at

When you make your request personal prophecy from Steven you will be so blessed and encouraged in God for whatever your life's plans may be in every arena of your life through Steven's unique Gift of request personal prophecy in Christ Jesus the Lord and one True God and creator of the Universe. Steven's ministry website which is called Prophetic Insights 4U will be such a blessing to read testimonies of request personal prophecy that you have ever read in your life. These are real request personal prophecy people who have received one on one request personal prophecy results from the Gift of God within Steven. You can request personal prophecy through Steven at the link here and be glad that you took this step of faith as your future looks good and only encourageme3nt request personal prophecy will you receive form Steven at

Request personal prophecy is real as long as you receive your request personal prophecy form a real gifted individual like Steven for your request personal prophecy today in Christ the Lord. Prophetic Insights 4 U Steven's Ministry website will also give you more information of who Steven is and How he use's His Gift of request personal prophecy to people and to nations the word of the Lord has been validated and proved to be true through his gift of request personal prophecy to all that request his counsel one on one.

Do you have a specific need or question to ask God but need more information to make a decision in which way to travel or any part of your life's path to go down. Request personal prophecy form Steven at his ministry website Prophetic Insights 4 U and be blown away at the accuracy that he receives when you request personal prophecy from God's gift within him. Amazed you will be and encouraged in the one to God Jehovah as he is the same today and yesterday and even into the future as you request personal prophecy form Steven today for your Future Tomorrow in Christ the Lord.

Read this coo Testimony below of a woman who was trying to conceive a baby with her husband but was having issues conceiving full term Pregnancy. Steven released the Word of The Lord in a request personal prophecy specific to her question and the rest is History as she became pregnant and her boy became a preacher. This is the power of a real request personal prophecy you will get from Steven if you go to his ministry website Prophetic Insights 4 U and request your own request personal prophecy today. Read below the testimony and then request your Prophecy from Steven Specific for your life in Christ.

Steven's Prophecy to her and her question about having a baby

I brought your question before the Lord dear sister you will have a baby boy and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions from the Spirit reveal that you will be having a boy soon and carry full term and even by this time next year will have conceived this one that I am inspired to say will have the hand of the Lord upon HIS life to Preach and Teach the word of God even at a very young age says the Lord. My Impressions reveal that there is nothing that you have done wrong or anything deeper or medical as doctors would give you a diagnosis as you have mentioned. My Insights reveal that in Gods perfect timing and you have done well in DECREEING the Word of the Lord over your life says the Lord. Genesis 14:1 says to "Decree a thing and it will be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways" Keep on DECREEING and speaking into the Atmosphere every day until the physical manifestation will be birthed into the Natural says the Lord. DECREE with authority and speak with confidence and do not doubt in your heart and you shall have what you desire says the Lord. I just feel inspired to release this word into your life dear sister as the anointing is strong upon me as I am typing this Prophecy to you now and I just call it done now in Jesus name may it be so for your happiness and for the Glory of the Lord as I see this child very gifted and used of the Lord even before his 8th birthday says the Lord to you this day through my Prophet.

Her response and gracious words of the 2 Secrets I revealed below that only she and her husband knew

Thank you so much. You have definitely confirmed things only I knew. I have been specifically praying for a son. Also God did tell me years ago he was going to be used at an early age as a child for God! So that lifted my spirit! My husband and I will let you know when we get that positive pregnancy test!

Request personal prophecy from Steven today at His Ministry website you can click the link below and get your specific request personal prophecy today in Christ the Lord.


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