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Request Personal Prophetic word Relationship

Greetings once again to all my Blog Post Followers that are in the 1000,s now!

Here is yet another awe-inspiring testimony of the Gift of God within me for a personal prophetic word. This particular blog post testimony revolves around a man who was literally dying of a broken heart. He reached out to me through my ministry website, Prophetic Insights 4 U, seeking solace and understanding after losing the love of his life to the terrible disease, cancer. His wife of over 25 years had passed away, leaving him grief-stricken and struggling to cope with everyday life.

A Cry for Clarity

In his time of need, this grieving man turned to the power of prophecy, seeking answers to his deepest questions. He asked two specific questions: how to overcome the hurt in his heart from losing his beloved wife, and whether he would ever find love and companionship again. With a heavy heart and a longing for closure, he entrusted me with his innermost thoughts and emotions.

Divine Revelation

In response to his heartfelt request, I entered into deep prayer and meditation, seeking guidance and clarity on his behalf. Through divine intervention, the Lord granted me visions of him and his late wife, revealing the depth of their love and the sacred bond they shared. I saw glimpses of their cherished moments together, including a vision of them walking hand in hand on a Florida beach at sunset—an image that held special significance to them.

A Message of Comfort and Hope

As I relayed these visions to the grieving man, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding my words. I spoke of his late wife, Jill, and the love they shared, assuring him that she was now in Heaven, waiting for their eventual reunion. Moreover, I shared a prophetic insight: another woman would enter his life, bringing comfort and healing to his broken heart. This divine appointment would occur on the 21st of July, marking the beginning of a new friendship that would blossom into something more.

A Journey of Healing

Filled with hope and gratitude, the grieving man embraced the message of his personal prophetic word. Over the following months, he experienced a remarkable transformation. He found solace in the companionship of a new friend, just as prophesied. Their burgeoning relationship brought joy and light back into his life, healing his broken heart and restoring his faith in love.

Conclusion: A Miracle Unfolds

In closing, this testimony serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of prophecy and the unwavering love of God. Through the gift of prophecy, this grieving man found healing, hope, and a newfound sense of purpose. His journey from heartbreak to healing stands as a testament to the miraculous ways in which God works in our lives.

If you find yourself in need of guidance or seeking answers to life's deepest questions, I invite you to reach out and request your own personal prophetic word. May this testimony inspire faith and hope in your heart, knowing that with God, all things are possible.

More Grace and Peace to All

In His Love and Service,


Man receives miracle request personal prophetic word for a broken heart from Prophet Steven Svec
Request personal prophetic word


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