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"Raising Children Prophecy Confirmation"

TESTIMONIES of the Word of the Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! I had the Honor to Prophesy to a Woman last week via my website. I Spoke many things over her life but the one thing that Confirmed in Her Spirit as to what was spoken over her was this I Prophesied saying " As my Hand is apon you, and from the Little ones that will come from you, and JOY will be your Portion, and you will Learn what it is to nurture, care and raise your own children, as I have raised you after a woman after my own Heart says the Spirit of the Lord" She later responded back to me saying that she has been trying to conceive for 2 years now and that she is 42 yrs old this Month. I am so AMAZED at the Word of the Lord when He comforts and Encourages through the Gift of Prophecy to His Children as this Woman was Blessed in Her walk and Journey before the Lord, GOD is so AMAZING my Friends!

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future in Christ Jesus my Friends..


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