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"Interceding for the children Confirmation"

More TESTIMONIES and CONFIRMATIONS of the Word of The Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! I had the Honor to Prophecy over another Woman this weekend as the Prophetic Word was Released into her life. Please read and be Encouraged for your Destiny to be Enlightened through this Ministry of the Lord, Blessings.

Word of The Lord Spoken to her below:

I see you Praying for children as if you are interceding for these little ones. I actually feel this is a Gifting that the Lord wants to bring more out into the open if this makes sense for you. You have a tender heart and a compassionate one towards the less fortunate. I feel the Lord wants to use you more in Intercession in the Future and that this will also give your personal fulfillment and a joy in your Spirit says the Lord. Even in the nighttime hours the Spirit will move on you and even a presence will fill your room dear sister. I have the Impression of January 2016 will bring fulfillment to you and your walk with the Lord, Blessings in Christ and I Pray this speaks to you.

Her Response to The Word of The Lord Below:

I have been unable to sleep and interceding for children! Hallelujah! What a blessing this was to my life. Thank you for your word!

I Responded back with more Ministry to her saying " CONFIRMATION for you dear sister. This is the Spirit using your Heart as this Please's the Lord, I hear PRECIOUS in the Spirit for you, YOU are Blessed!."

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus!


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