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"Word of Knowledge" STAY!"

More TESTIMONIES of The Word of The Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman!

This is a Testimony of a "Word of Knowledge" I spoke to a Woman Recently via Facebook lead by the voice of the Spirit. Please read and be Encouraged in Christ Jesus my Friends.

Word of Knowledge REVEALED below I Spoke:

I hear the Word "STAYING" for you in the Spirit as if there has been a question in your Heart of late about possibly moving or a possible geographical location. This is my interpretation to what I keep hearing for you. I Pray this somehow Ministers to you dear sister. Blessings in Christ.

Her Response's are below.

"It does! Thank you!" "A few different levels of staying... Staying committed to my goal in my company... Staying living in the city I am in Staying patient in the growth I am going through And staying hopeful and full of faith God is making mighty change for limitless achievement in my woman's ministry plans.

I am grateful you confirmed I have been hearing in spirit "STAY" for a couple weeks."

Sometimes just one WORD is all that we need my Friends to HELP us on the Path that Adonai has for us to keep Pressing forward as this Woman was Ministered to in that Capacity. ALL the Glory to JESUS my Friends. He Knows all our Past, Present and FUTURE. Blessings in Christ to ALL.

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus



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