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"The NOTES Prophecy Confirmation"

More Testimonies of the Word of the Lord revealing SECRETS and confirming the destiny of his children. This is a small portion of a Word I Prophesied to a woman last weekend via my ministry website Please be encouraged in Christ Jesus for your breakthrough and confirmation through this Gifting and Ministry of the Lord..

Word of the Lord REVEALED in a Vision:

I see you handing out little notes and again my impression is blessing to these people that you seemingly are just approaching and handing them scriptural blessings and I have the impression of a Gift as well, I feel that you are ministering to these people through this little note and I see great joy apon your face and I here "Gifts of the Spirit" in my right ear for you and the presence of the holy spirit is very strong when you are ministering these little notes of blessings and love and encouragement dear sister..

Her Response to what I was shown in this portion of the vision for her is below... Adonai is so confirming in her spirit.. please read..

Great morning to you sweetie. of God for the spirit of Lord is upon you and yes all which has been spoken in the prophetic insights of me is correct.

I pray in JESUS name that you continue to be sensitive to God and be a blessing to people.

Sweet Sweet Blessings of the Lord to you.

Request YOUR SPECIFIC Personal Prophecy today, 4 your Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus my Friends!



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