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"The Women's Shelter Prophecy Confirmation"

MORE TESTIMONIES of the Word of the Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! This woman you are going to be reading about requested the Prophetic Insights 4 U (Traditional Prophecy) Option on my website and I Prophesied to Her the TRUE word of the Lord and CONFIRMATION was revealed into her life as the Spirit Revealed Secrets to me about Her and a Ministry she is Presently doing and involved with as the Word of the Lord spoke. Be Blessed and Encouraged in Christ Jesus for your Miracle Prophecy Breakthrough of God's Gift within me since Birth. Please read below and be encouraged this day and Request Your Specific Prophecy in Christ Jesus!

This is what I was shown for this dear lady as a Vision came before my Spiritual eyes on her Behalf.


I SEE you in a Vision in a circle with other people, maybe 25-30 or so. I see you as the Leader or more of a administrator of sorts. I see you have a pad of paper and Pen and you are doing a roll call and making sure everyone is present that should be there. I see you sharing the Gospel to these people as if you are a teacher to and for them. You are the Leader is what I hear in the Spirit of this scene being shown to me. I have the impression of a ALL woman group or I should say hurting woman who need a fresh start in life and you are their navigator, YOU are their example to show them the Love they never had. Luke 7:36-50 is strongly in my spirit 4 U and about You, please go and read, Its is a very powerful Parable Jesus tells of forgiveness, okay. Blessings to you now dear sister and I Pray that you have been blessed and encouraged this day in Christ Jesus.

Her Response from what was Revealed and Interpreted and shown to me:

"Thank you, you SEE well. This has already started "Women's Shelter" and then it will be bigger later in the future." Amen!!

Request YOUR Personal SPECIFIC Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus my Friends. What the Holy Spirit revealed for this woman HE will do for you as well. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within Me, Amen and Amen!


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