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"The FARM REVEAL Prophecy Confirmation"

More TESTIMONIES of the Word of the Lord revealing SECRETS of men and woman! I Had the honor and pleasure to Prophesy to this woman via my Ministry website and one of my subscribers. She asked this question of me to bring before the Lord in Prayer for her request and donated seed into this ministry, her question was this (My husband and I are going to have MANY changes over the next year... so some insight and or confirmation, whatever the Lord might have would be welcome! Thank you!!)

I am going to share most of this Prophecy and Her response to what was shown to me in a vision and the Word of the Lord was released into her life and immediate situation as Confirmation was witnessed 100% in her Spirit. This my friends is what Prophecy is for and is 100% biblical in sowing into the servant of the Lord. All Glory to JESUS the Christ, MY Lord and Savor to serve on this Platform before all. Be encouraged as her Prophesy is below...


I being shown a vision of you and the one you love says the lord. I see you standing and I see you holding a suitcase in your right arm and I have the Impression of TRAVEL that will be in your Future and I see a smile on both of your faces. I have the Impression of the Months of MAY through JULY of next year being a significant timeframe for you especially dear sister. I see a vision of a Clock on the wall and I have the Impression of TIMING and even RELEASE as if possibly a burden of indecision is weighing on your mind and I feel that Scene before me is one of a Positive move on your part and even the one you love says the Lord.... This is what I hear the spirit speaking to you this day....


The hands of Time are moving forward on your behalf. I will bring a season of REST and COMFORT into your thought process that will consume your worries of tomorrow says the Lord. For even in the days of your youth as it was then, so shall the adventure and Joy of life be made manifest before you and even the one that you love. Finance's will no longer be a burden and the joy of your youth shall prevail during this transition and season that is at your doorstep. Travel and PEACE will be your Portion and your household will come together not just for the Holidays. There will be a opportunity for even your landscape and demographic to change as you will look out the window of tomorrow and your destiny will come back to you full circle and even as it was in your youth PEACE will prevail and I will provide for this as I am JEHOVAH JIRAH unto the ones that I call my children says the Lord to you this day my daughter.. Amen and Amen. May it be so Lord for your Glory!

PROPHETIC INSIGHTS (My Impressions of what was shown and heard from the spirit of the lord)

I feel that from what was shown and heard from the Spirit is that there is going to be a transition and even a shift that will motivate you decision in the next season of the lord. I feel that this will affect you and even your husband. I don't know if you have what I keep hearing (TIME SHARE) I don't know if this is symbolic or something that you have for a possible vacation, but I feel that it could be a 2 fold Impression for you both. I have now idea how old you both are, but I feel possible something to do with cut back or for a better word semi-retirement or of that nature transition of a job possible. I feel this cut back could be in your future that will propel you both into a more suitable life style if this makes sense. I feel this is going to be completely positive and even some of what you are thinking will change and the lord is going to intervene and make a way where there seems no way in the natural. He is JEHOVAH JIRAH as the word of the lord was spoken above.. Okay.. so these are my Impressions of what the Spirit revealed and what the Lord is about to do in your life and the one that you love.


Well... this has to be one of the most accurate words I've received, it lines up precisely with what is going on in our lives!!

We were childhood sweethearts, that met and married just a year ago on the 11th of this month. (As in our youth) We were both in Idaho at the time, and that's what our plan is... to move from OK where we are now, to WA state, around May-June or so. (Relocation) He will be working the first year, just a part time job while I get the FARM going, then the goal is to be self sufficient on a FARM and teach others. Our cost of living will go down to about $600 a month from over $2000!!! And that's only for 7 years until the land is paid for! We can make enough during the summer months that neither one will be working during the winter! That's semi-retired. :-) The time share... it's a rent to own, and that's what we MIGHT do with the home we're in as well.

Thank you for asking the Lord for a word for me.... great confirmation!! :-)

This my Friends is such incredible validation of the Gift of the Lord within me to HELP and give HOPE and encouragement in Christ Jesus and make clearer the path that is yet to come before peoples lives. Request YOUR Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus...


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