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"The 2 HOUSE'S Vision Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! I Prophesied to this woman you are about to read about as she chose the "Ask your Own 1 Question" Prophecy Option on my Online website. Her question was simply this for me to bring before the Lord: What should I do about the 2 House's? No other information was relayed except that which you just read, plain and simple. I brought this exact question before the Lord and received SPECIFIC and DETAILED information from the Spirit that you will read. I had no foreknowledge of her situation, but the Holy Spirit revealed SECRETS and Predictions of what was to come concerning her question and has already come to pass as I Prophesied. Read below and be encouraged to request your Specific question for me to bring before the Lord on your behalf my Friends. This is what the TRUE Prophetic Gifting is for on a individual basis for Personal Prophecy and is 100% biblical! This is Revealed in both Old and New Testament dear friends. Who is the Prophet in your Life? It would be my Honor to bring your requests before the lord for clarification and or closure for all areas of your Life if need be. Please read this GREAT Prophecy and request your Personal Prophecy today, 4 your Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus.

ASK YOUR OWN QUESTION PROPHECY ( What should I do about the 2 HOUSES?)

As I brought this question before the Lord on Your Behalf, I am being shown a vision of 2 house's from the Holy Spirit. I see 1 of the house's seemingly disappear before me as to VANISH and I have the Impression of this house being sold as if it is gone from your seemingly equation of your interest in this house and property are my Impressions that I am lead to speak from the Spirit. I don't know if you are trying to buy or rent a house and have 2 options available before you. I just feel that one of these house will be gone shortly or will be sold or should be sold for a better way of expression from the spirit as if to make your decision easier in the immediate future are my impressions (IT WILL BE GONE). I feel that the other house is going to be what I call a investment and one that COULD benefit you financially as well. I feel that this is and could be family related in your decision and could affect more than one person involved if this makes sense. I feel that this could even be a place you have called HOME before or within the demographic of where this house could be. I feel that it will be made clear for you within the next 15-20 days are my Immediate Impressions from the spirit if not already. I feel that once the 1st house is out of the picture, your decision will be made more clearer as to what to do that will benefit you and the ones that you love says the Lord. I feel that you will have PEACE in your decision as you will let one house go says the lord and the other will have a significant meaning in your life as to bless your Kin and finance's will be made available 4U.


You were correct in the assessment of the 2 houses. The one house is about to “vanish” as it was not on the market very long and is already sold and the other house (where I used to live) is rented for another year. So, that issue is solved for me. It was actually quicker than 15 days – only about 10! Thank you so much!

RECAP: On what I Prophesied that the 1st house would DISAPPEAR (IT WOULD BE GONE) as apparently, she was trying to sell it which I had no foreknowledge of it VANISHED and was gone in the vision given to me. The 2nd House I Prophesied that it has some kind of investment for her and her loved ones. I prophesied that this 2nd house has a connection to her and could even of been a place she called HOME. She went on to say in the above paragraph that this 2nd house is actually where she used to live! I prophesied that this 2nd house will become some kind of investment for her and one that could benefit her FINANCIALLY. She has Rented out this 2nd house for the next year and will be receiving residual income each Month. I was impressed to say that this would all be made more clearer for her within the next 15-20 days from the day of this Prophecy, It came to pass within 10 days she said! This my Friends is the TRUE Word of The Lord Prophesied and come to pass as Spoken by the Gift within me. To JESUS be lifted up and the father Glorified always.

Scroll to the top of this Testimony and Request Your Personal Prophecy from me dear friend. There are presently 9 different SPECIFIC Prophecy Options for Specific Personal Prophecy on my Ministry website to choose for every arena of your life. What the Lord Revealed for this woman HE can do for You. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within me, Amen and Amen. Thank You JESUS.

In His Love and Service


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