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"The Spring Semester Prediction Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of The True Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! What a precious testimony you are about to read of a Mother's love and concern for her little boy who was having issues in School. She requested the Prophecy Option "ask your own 1 question" Her question was concerning her little boy who was having issues at school, getting in to trouble daily and even being sent to the Principles office because of his actions. My friends there is nothing to big or small that the Lord is not concerned about each of our lives and the ones that we love. I inquired before the Lord on this woman's behalf as to why her son was having these problems that he has never had before in school. The Holy Spirit revealed to me in Visions of what was causing these problems and also I Prophesied as to when they would be coming to and end for her son which was fulfilled as Prophesied through God's Gift within me. God the father cares for every aspect of all our lives, even little boys that get involved with the wrong crowd of people. The Prayers of a Mother I have found throughout many years of Ministry are the strongest when prayed with sincerity before the Fathers throne. This Mothers prayers were answered as I was able to Prophesy the Heart of God as her Prayers were answered as the Word of The Lord was revealed and came to pass. To JESUS be lifted up and Glorified! Please read below and have your Faith Raised for your Miracle breakthrough Prophecy this day. Amen..


I have the Impression from the Spirit that even as there will come a Fall break (School) into your Sons life that the issues that he is facing now will BEGIN to come to a end. I see in the Spirit that these issues, (not all of them) but the main one I see is actually his environment as he is away from your council. I see influence's of individuals and I see one in particular that I feel is a bit of a negative influence (possibly friend of his) on his normal what I want to call routine if this makes sense. I don't know his age, but I feel lead to say possibly Elementary School or within the first 5 or so grades of a young person. I have the Impression of a PEACE that will be coming to his Mind and even Thought process of how he looks at School and Learning and even being away from Home. I have the feeling of a very close attachment that he has to you and family environment and this will bring him much comfort in his later years. I also feel that one day he will even Preach the Gospel if you will except this Prediction as well. But to his present Issues, I feel lead to say that this is something that will be passing and I feel that even as he starts what I want to say is the SPRING SESSION of schooling that there is going to be a significant improvement in his overall view towards School and even his Teachers and those that are in Authority while he is away from you. The Lord has everything under control and I just want to convey that to you and I feel that even as 2018 will be approaching that you will start to see a significant improvement and I feel that the summer time of 2018 will be a time of a stronger bonding that you will develop with him as well are my immediate Impressions from the Spirit...

PREDICTION COMES TO PASS (The Mothers Testimony concerning her Sons Incredible Turnaround)

Hi Steven, my name is L***A and I reached out to you about my son who was misbehaving at school. I wasn't sure what was going on and the school called me almost every day . Sometimes he had to sit in the principal's office. You said the Lord through his Holy Spirit said that his behavior will improve at school by spring 2018 and even better by the Summer. By December 2017... There was a significant improvement in his behavior. He is now an honor roll student and was nominated citizen of the month at school for best student in his class. I give God the glory!!

What a great Testimony my Friends. There is nothing that is insignificant in our lives before the Love of God. He is concerned for every aspect of our lives dear friends and the ones that we love. Amen and Amen...

Scroll to the top of this Testimony and Request Your Personal Prophecy from me dear friend. There are presently 8 different Prophecy Options for Specific Personal Prophecy on my Ministry website to choose for every arena of your life. What the Lord Revealed for this woman and her son HE can do for You. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within me, Amen and Amen. Thank You JESUS.

In His Love and Service


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