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FRANCE "The Country that will one day Betray Europe"

These are the Words and Predictions of what I was allowed to hear and see as Evil will surely follow this Countries Regine and Leadership as this Land that is preparing the Footsteps of the Evil One that has been Prophesied about that will bring into affect the One World order and the One that will sit above the Nations and Rule with the Bear and merge together in the not so distant Future as the Chicken will come HOME to Roost and the Rooster will Lay down with the Bear says the Spirit of The Lord!

FRANCE, I SEE You and I know YOU and the One that is Hiding in Plain sight. Even as it is said that Paris is the City of Love, so shall this become the City that has lost it's first Love as Delilah seduced Sampson, so shall You one day sleep with the Bear as a stronger Union will bring Greater Strength that will overtake the European Countries of NATO that will Usher in the days of Darkness and what has been Prophesied for Thousands of Years will come to pass as the Evil One will have HIS Prophet that will do his bidding before the Nations of the Earth as the Appointed Time will be at the doorstep of the Worlds stage says The Spirit of The Lord.

FRANCE, I know of the One You are Hiding in Plain sight and I will cause this One to take HIS Place shortly and allow what must come to pass, but I say lastly to You Paris the City of Love, that there will be no Love as the Winter Solstice comes and goes and another Year of the Earth is Preparing the Footsteps of the Evil One, so shall this be a Sign as the Rooster will lay down with the Bear as an Unholy Union, as yet another Counterfeit of MY Son and MY Bride that will One day Stand before My Throne in Perfect Union in Heaven as it will be on The Earth, says The Spirit of The Lord this very Day to You France as You are the Land of Destiny of the Great Mystery of God's End time Plans.

Prophet Steven Robert Svec

Servant of the Lord

France - World Prophecies and Predictions 2/17/2024



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