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Get your Request Personal Prophecy

My name is Robin and I'm writing this Blog post of the testimony of a Get your request personal prophecy which happened to me personally from a wonderful man that I met outside a shopping Plaza one day as he approached me and asked my name and this is how my story starts. He told me that I overpaid on a few Items in the store and that they charged me to much for a few items and I looked at him and wondered who is this guy and is he going to try and rob me or something, lol. He began to tell me to look at my receipts for the Pasta Sauce and Oreo cookies that I paid for and I remember these items specifically because they were on sale and I new what the prices should be, so just to appease this guy and be on my way I checked my receipt and sure enough the store clerk charged me full price when I should of gotten the store sale that they were advertising. This was Bizarre to say the least and I asked him how he could of know this information?

He then introduced himself as Steven and that sometimes God speaks to him for other people to help them in any way possible and he said that God spoke to him to tell me to go back into the store and get a refund for the amount that was overcharged. I thought this was a bit strange but I asked him what does he do for a living and he told me that he is a Spiritual Counselor and most people refer to him as Prophet Steven. He went on to say that he has a ministry website online where you can get your personal prophecy from him and God talks to him for people and helps them in any arena of their life or any kind of trouble or situation that they are having and God speaks words of Counsel through his Get your request personal prophecy option he has on his ministry website. Well, now he has me Intrigued! So I asked him about what he does exactly and this get your request personal prophecy for people and could I go on his website and get my own get your request personal prophecy and he said absolutely. So he gave me his Ministry card with his website address of and as I started walking back into the store to get my refund for the 2 items that I was over priced, I turned around thank him and he was completely gone? It's like he vanished or ran very fast, lol, but he was gone.

I got home and began to ponder this encounter with this man who said he was a spiritual counselor Prophet and I remembered he gave me his card with the information for his online ministry for get your request personal prophecy. I looked for my notebook computer and put in his address website of and everything was exactly what he said it would be and he told me to read all the testimony's of people that have requested a get your request personal prophecy from him and I literally read for hours and hours of these incredible testimonies of people who got their get your request personal prophecy from Prophet Steven and decided I wanted to see if this was real or fake or how in the world did he know that I over paid for 2 items at the grocery store earlier in the day.

I wen to the page to get your request personal prophecy and made a request and asked him what kind of a job or career is best for me? So I was testing the waters so to speak to see if God would tell him what I do for a living because I love doing what I do and there is nothing else I could imagine doing other than being a Nurse and that is my chosen profession for over 20 years now.

I got my Get your request personal prophecy back from him via email is how he does his ministry and sure enough he said that and I quote "Being a Nurse is all that you wanted to be and do for your entire life" and when I read my get your personal prophecy request I almost fell to the ground, lol, this man actually hears from God or something supernatural about him, but he was able to reveal my profession and words that confirmed that I only every wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. So this is truly and amazing testimony that I am writing this Blog Post about and it happened to me so I am a 100% believer in God and the supernatural and that God can speak through people like this Prophet Counselor name Steven. If you don't believe me go and get your request personal prophecy form him yourself and see what God will reveal for your life through His amazing Gift of Prophecy.

More Grace and Peace to You all

Get your request personal prophecy
Get your request personal prophecy


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