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My Prophetic Word Request

I went fishing the other day and I have a favorite little honey fishing whole nobody else knows about or I should say they shouldn't know about but when I got to my secret fishing spot there was already another man fishing and catching fish and I was just a little upset because I played hooky and called in sick at my workplace just to fish all my myself and relax and enjoy a day off. So I gradually went over to say hi and ask him how he heard about this secret fishing hole that I have been going to for years and this is what he said. I was told by a man who called himself a Prophet and I got my prophetic word request from him as he told me where this secret fishing spot is at. Well, I didn't believe a word he said and I just figured he must of found this secret fishing hole on accident, so I asked him who this man or prophet he called him was that gave him his my prophetic word request he called it. He told me his name is Steven and he has a ministry website where you can get your my prophetic word request form him anytime.

Well, you can imagine the look on my face when he told me this so I said if he is telling the truth about this I want to also get my prophetic word request form this so called man named Steven the Prophet. He told me and even gave me his ministry website of

I ended up fishing with this man all day and we actually became friends and decided to meet again in 2 weeks at this secret fishing hole and we left it at that, but what I did is follow up on his information with the website he gave me about this person calling himself a Prophet and being able to get my prophetic word request from him just like my new fishing buddy did. I contacted this Prophet's website that was given to me and I made my own my prophetic word request from him and I waited for 7 days before he emailed me back my prophetic word request and I read it and I almost fell to the ground at what he told me in my prophetic word request. He told me that I met a man at my favorite fishing hole last week and he even described the man to me which fit his exact description and he even told me the amount of fish we both caught and I was completely astounded by his revelations for my prophetic word request from him from his ministry website online.

NOW, the next week I met with my new fishing friend and we fished together at the secret spot fishing hole and I told him that I went to the website he gave me about this so called Prophet man Steven and I said that I wanted my Prophetic word request as well. I told him what the Prophet told me what my prophetic word request said and revealed about the fishing secret hole and about that we went each other their and about the amount of fish we both caught together and then I was silent as I noticed the description of what the Prophet named Steven give me was the man I met and was fishing with and I realized that this man was in fact STEVEN the Prophet? I was shocked at the revaluation that had happened and that this man was truly a Prophet of God and that He had a message for me form God as my Prophetic word request was revealed to him to tell me that this fishing secret hole is contaminated and not to eat the fish in it that I would catch. I asked him how did he know this because I have been coming her for years and eating fish from the little fishing hole and I feel fine, and he replied that I needed to go see my doctor to get tested for what he called excess mercury from the fish that is in my bloodstream and needed a blood transfusion right away or I could die? Well, by now I had become a believer in this my prophetic word request so called Prophet Steven and I went to the doctor to have my blood tested for this mercury poisoning and my doctor first said why would I even think that I had this in my body and I just told he to do the test and I would explain if it is true or not. He tested and found out that I did actually have excess amounts of mercury in my body and needed a blood transfusion ASAP to be safe an did this and then I explained to the doctor about my prophetic word request from this prophet guy and my doctor didn't believe me but I know it is true because it happened to me.

My Prophetic word request actually saved my life and I would recommend this kind of a service from this Prophet Steven at and get your my Prophetic word request from him for your self or my prophetic word request for someone that you may love and concerned about their health possibly. If this didn't happen to me I wouldn't even be a believer, but my prophetic word request saved my life and I am telling my story now in this Blog Post to verify to all that would read and believe in the wonders of God still in this age not just back in the bible days, but god still uses people and prophets for a my prophetic word request that can change your life forever. This is my Testimony today.

More Grace and Peace for You

my prophetic word request
My prophetic word request


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