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"New Title Name Request Personal Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of the Lord revealing the SECRETS of men and woman! You are about to read another neat Testimony of how Specific God's Gift within me is and when the real request personal Prophecy is released can seem to have no relevance or meaning in the Natural, but that is exactly what TRUE Request personal Prophecy is all about. I released this Request personal Prophecy Last July 2021 for the month of March 2022 will come to pass and it did. The Request personal Prophecy for the Month for this man was short and sweet and you can read it here in my exact words: MARCH 2022 will be remembered as Good News will be revealed as a Positive result will bring another Title to Your name says the Lord. (I see this in the Spirit 1+1+1 = 3 and will relate to Family, be in Prayer) This man was actually a monthly Partner and recently relayed to me the fulfillment of this Word and explained why it came to pass and makes sense now when 9 months ago He had no idea what it could possibly mean. Read the confirmation in His own words below.

Hi Steven, yesterday my sister-in-law and her husband had a baby boy named T****o. This birth is a fulfillment of the word God gave you for me last July--in a yearly forecast, in which "1+1+1=3 and a new title will be added to [my] name." Now I'm an uncle on my wife's side!

How Precise and Pinpoint this Word was as now the interpretation of 1+1+1=3 was what the Lord was talking about and prophesying through me as the sister-in-law was 1, her husband was 1, and the new baby boy was 1 that = 3 total as Prophesied and made Him an uncle in the Process! This is TRUE Request personal Prophecy my Friends. Many say they can prophesy now and the Internet and social media which I actually despise is full of People and websites that have no Track Record or validation of Testimonies and call Themselves Prophets. If You are reading this Testimony now dear friend, YOU are in the right place to receive the TRUE Word of The Lord. I have had God's hand on my life since my first breath on this Earth as the scriptures tell us in Matthew 22:14 "Many are called, but few are Chosen" and Revelation 19-10 says "The Testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy" I give JESUS all the Glory and Honor due His name as The Ancient of days from everlasting to everlasting for allowing me to Lift up His name alone through the arena of Request Personal Prophecy! Request Personal Prophecy Specific from me today as a part of Your Destiny is revealed in Christ our Lord, Blessing.

In His Love and Service


Man becomes a New Uncle as Prophesied
Request Personal Prophecy Fulfilled


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