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Receive Your Prophetic Word Now

I went to the Grocery shopping Market last night and something very unusual happened to me that I can only describe as SUPERNATURL! It defies the normal in regards to what I always believed in the world and how the world works for everyone as we are all human beings but to my astonishment some people seem to have special abilities to speak words of prediction that can alter your life whether you believe it or not. It happened to me and this is my Blog Post True Story.

I was at my Local shopping store going down the Isles of good and getting my necessary foods and supplements for the week and I bumped into another shopper who looked at me and said he was sorry, but then he said my name and I asked him have we ever met before? He said no but sometimes God tells him things about other peoples lives to encourage them in their life. Well, I asked him what does God have to say to me and he said this "Receive your Prophetic word Now" and he began to speak about secrets of my life and things about me and even my family and friends. Needless to say I was freaked out a bit and asked him what this receive your prophetic word now is all about because this is what he said to me before he spoke those intimate secrets about my life. He said that He has a ministry website that anyone can request to receive your prophetic word now from him at anytime and he gave me his website name called Prophetic Insights 4U and the website address is

I said can I go and get more information for my own receive your Prophetic word now and if I do how long does it take for you to do what you do with this receive your prophetic word now. He told me it takes usually about 5 to 7 days from once someone makes their request for a receive your Prophetic word now but sometimes like what just happened he will give random strangers like myself a receive your prophetic word now message from God. He says he has had this special gift of prophecy since his birth and his mother also did receive your prophetic word now type ministry but when she was alive they didn't have the internet like we have now, so she would just do what he did for me at the grocery store and just tell people about a receive your prophetic word now information about their life. It's quite shocking and amazing at the same time and its very much supernatural and if you ever get the chance to receive your prophetic word now form this man who's first name I only got was Steven.

I went home with my grocery's and put everything away and then looked up his website he gave me on a piece of paper and I saw for myself and read for myself all the testimonies of others that did a receive your Prophetic word now through his online website ministry page. He said he is not a ordained minister but he uses his Gift from God to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share supernatural expressions of what seems like ESP or something as he can tell you about your life and things that you have done before that nobody else knows about and he can predict your future and tell you about things to come through this receive your Prophetic word now type ministry. He calls it a Prophetic Ministry and this is what he does for a living and serving people with his gift of receive your prophetic word now ministry from God.

So, I learned something today and that's why I am sharing this Blog Post to anyone who might be interested in this sort of supernatural receive your Prophetic word now ministry, it's actually very comforting and fascinating that some people have this kind of ability and I can tell you that I was Healed of past Trauma experiences as he relayed them to me and said that God has forgiven me of all my sins and that Jesus wants to share his love for me in my life going forward. I ended up saying a prayer with him and after this prayer I felt so light and free it was truly even for me a supernatural experience. I would encourage anyone to look into this mans website of and request to have a receive your Prophetic word now form him and see if you will hve the same experience as I did I hope so, God Bless You all.

More Grace and Peace to You

Receive your prophetic word now
Receive your prophetic word now

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