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Receive Your Request Prophetic word online

This Blog Posts is going to be another incredible Testimony about a close friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just a few weeks ago at the end of 2023 November 14th. I have known this Individual for my entire life and we consider ourselves sisters and many people actually say we look alike but we have known each other since the 3rd grade and were both 38 years old now. She went to her normal yearly doctor woman exam and blood test and found some symptoms of a possible Uterine cancer. They did further tests and she was found positive and at a very advanced stage 4. This all happened in 1 year because at her previous visit she was fine with all the test, so I guess ya never know but there is a good ending to this story as she received a Miracle from God through a very unusual man of God.

So, we both attend the same church in Rockford Illinois and I asked her this last Sunday which was December 31st last day of 2023 at the midnight service our church does every year for the beginning of the New Year 2024, it's always a fun time for our Kids as I have 1 and she has 4 and they play together and we sing Praise songs and count down the New Year coming in. She seemed so happy and I asked her why because I know what she has been going through with chemo therapy and such but she was in good spirits and was praising god and I asked her what has changed and she said that she heard about a man of God who walks in the Miraculous with a receive your request prophetic word online? I asked her what is that because I am familiar with the Prophetic type ministry but online portion I didn't understand. She said that this man has a website called receive your prophetic word online and his ministry address is located in Los Angles California but his website address is and you can receive your request prophetic word online through him that way. So she said that she went ahead and got a receive your request prophetic word online through this man of God who is called a Prophet and his name is Steven Svec and he has been doing the receive your request prophetic word online now for 10 years through the online platform. She said she make her request the second week in December around the 12th and she just got back her receive your request prophetic word online form this man of God and he prophesied in her receive your request prophetic word online this past week just before Christmas and her receive your request prophetic word online form this man of God said that God was going to Heal her and she would be healed by the end of this Year which is actually today because it's the 31st of December and we only have a few hours left before 2024 will be here.

So, she is expecting her Miracle to happen literally within the next few hours as it's about 10pm December 31st 2024 and she is excited that she will be receiving her receive your request prophetic word online miracle in a few hours and I was just like, okay, whatever you say and if it makes you happy to believe this than it's okay with me and I'm going to believe with you as well within the next 2 hours somehow God is going to heal her of her stage 4 cancer and we left it at that and began talking to other people in the congregation about the upcoming New Year and what we felt God was going to be doing in our church and church growth as the Pastor was behind the pulpit saying a few words and singing a few worship songs at the time. All of a sudden the Pastor says lets pray for one another and any kind of sickness or disease that we have that God would Heal us all as we were about to go into the New Year of 2024. Healing is something we all believe in our church as the scriptures tell us in Isaiah 53:5 says that "By his stripes we are Healed" which means the stripes that Jesus suffered 39 stripes from the romans at and before his crucifixion on the cross for the salvation of the world but also Healing and divined healing is apart of the redemptive work of the cross as well, so we believe that God still does miracles in our church.

Well, I wanted to pray for my friend because I know what she is going through so I asked her can I pray for you now to be healed and she said YES I am ready for my Miracle that I am supposed to get from my prophecy from the receive your request prophetic word online she got form Prophet Steven. So I prayed and laid hands on her woman parts is where the cancer was and I said in the name of Jesus be Healed and I rebuked this cancer to leave her body and never return. All of a sudden we both felt this incredible love and HEAT that came on both of us and especially on Her where her cancer was and she began to shake and cry and said that God was healing her and we were both in shock and awe as now the entire church was looking at us both weeping and crying as the presence of the Lord was so strong in our midst as I was laying hands and praying for my friend to receive your request prophetic word online to come to pass as Prophesied by Prophet Steven back in the middle of December that my friend would receive her request prophetic word online miracle and it was happening right before our very eyes, WOW!

My friend just new that something supernatural had happened to her at that New years eve church service so she went back to her doctor gynecologist and she got re tested for her cancer and it was ALL GONE! what a great testimony to the power of the receive your request prophetic word online platform with this Prophet Steven and his words came to pass for the receive your request prophetic word online miracle healing for my friend and it happened just like I am writing in this Blog Post for all that are reading it now. There is nothing to hard for our God to do or distance in which he can do a receive your request prophetic word online for anyone and anywhere.

If your suffering form anything I would like to personally endorse this receive your request prophetic word online form Prophet Steven to receive your Miracle as well. We serve a Good God and He is the same today and tomorrow and forever as his words in the bible tell us all. Get in contact with Prophet Steven and get your receive your request prophetic word online today as I know you will all be blessed and encouraged in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

More Grace and Love to you all

receive your request prophetic word online
Receive your request prophetic word online


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