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Request A Prophecy from Steven for The True Proven Word of The Lord 4 Your life in Christ Jesus!

Are you searching for answers to questions that you may have had in Your Heart for Years now? Are You searching for meaning for Your life or do You have a question about what kind of Job or Career or Ministry or Gifting's that are within You waiting to be revealed to give your life Purpose and meaning? Maybe Your single and still searching for a lifelong helpmate and desire to have this part of your life to be complete or maybe you are going through a Breakup with your current Relationship and wondering what may lay ahead for Your life in the arena of Love & Romance? There is a man Truly Gifted from God the Father from His birth on this Earth and can bring direct Revelation for your personal situation regardless what it may be or what arena of your life or the life of others that are close to you. Steven Robert Svec carry's the True Word of The Lord for Your life to request a prophecy word in every arena of Your life dear friend. He is the real deal with Testimonials following His Predictions for everyone that request a prophecy word and His Godly Wisdom and Counsel in Christ Jesus the Lord. You can request a prophecy word at His Ministry website at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request a prophecy word is a real Gift to the body of Christ dear friends, but be warned that there are many individuals who claim they can Prophesy and give a word from God 4 your life but all they will give you for a request a prophecy word is a generic bible verse with NO specifics about your life or situation and will then ask you to donate into their PayPal account for their service and say that they heard from God and give me absolutely no correct information or validation but just a bible verse and say that it is a request a prophetic word for your life in Christ. Most of these kinds of individuals are all on some kind of a social media platform like Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or Rumble but regardless where they try to request a prophecy word from your life and steal your money and they call themselves a Prophet of God! This is such a stench in the Nostrils of God the Father and so goes the Social Media Prophet for PROFIT1 Steven is a proven ministry and real gift and does carry the true Gift of Prophecy with testimonials following his predictions for the last 8 years now through his online platform ministry website and you can request a prophecy word from him personally at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Go and read all the REAL testimonials from people from all over the world who have request a prophecy word from Steven and be amazed at this man's accurate Specific Gift from God since his birth and began making predictions at a very young age through God's Gift of prophecy within Him. He gives God all the Glory and Honor for every request a prophecy word that comes to pass as Prophesied through His Gift from the Father. Read below of this Testimony that you can read on His ministry website as well but this is just a taste of how he can prophesy and predict and give accurate encouragement into your life's situation no matter what the situation may be dear friends, STEVEN IS THE REAL DEAL, read this Testimony and then request a prophecy word for yourself at His Ministry website and find out for yourself what is real and what is fake, Steven is Real and the Gift of God within him is real, find out for yourself and be encouraged this day, read the testimony below for yourself and be encouraged in Christ the Lord!

"Future Preacher Boy Confirmation Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of The Word of The Lord revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! You are about to read a Testimony of a Woman I recently Prophesied to as she requested the Prophecy Option "Ask your own 1 Question "on my Online website. Her question was why hasn't she and her husband been able to conceive a child after 10 years of trying and wanting to start a family. Why I am posting this Testimony now is because the Holy Spirit revealed to me 2 SECRETS about her and her situation that only she and the Lord knew. This is exactly what the Prophetic Gift is all about my friends. Revealing these 2 Secrets to her about the child (Boy) who I called out by revelation knowledge as this is what she was believing and praying for that I had no foreknowledge of that will be born by the later part of next year 2019 as the Spirit showed me gave her Faith to keep on believing for her Miracle child that the doctors say she will not be able to conceive because of medical reasons. Read her Prophecy and be amazed and encouraged for your Breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord as well dear friends, God Bless you all and Request your Prophecy Today! Her Question: Hi I would like to inquire if there is a specific reason why me and my husband haven’t been able to conceive a baby. I have been praying each year for a baby for almost 10 years. I have even went to the doctor and was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” as there was nothing they noticed that was hindering me physically. I have also been decreeing I am pregnant and thanking God in advance each month. I have had so many prophecies and dreams over the years concerning God blessing me with a baby but none have come to pass yet and I know if it was truly God it would. I just want to know what God is showing you about this situation and if there is something deeper hindering the manifestation. Thank you. God bless! Her Prophecy - The Word of The Lord: I brought your request before the Lord dear sister and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions from the Spirit reveal that you will be having a SON in the very near future and even by this time next year will have conceived this one that I am inspired to say will have the hand of the Lord upon HIS life to Preach and Teach the word of God even at a very young age says the Lord. My Impressions reveal that there is nothing that you have done wrong or anything deeper or medical as doctors would give you a diagnosis as you have mentioned. My Insights reveal that in Gods perfect timing and you have done well in DECREEING the Word of the Lord over your life says the Lord. Job 22:28 says to "Decree a thing and it will be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways" Keep on DECREEING and speaking into the Atmosphere every day until the physical manifestation will be birthed into the Natural says the Lord. DECREE with authority and speak with confidence and do not doubt in your heart and you shall have what you desire says the Lord. I just feel inspired to release this word into your life dear sister as the anointing is strong upon me as I am typing this Prophecy to you now and I just call it done now in Jesus name may it be so for your happiness and for the Glory of the Lord as I see this child very gifted and used of the Lord even before his 8th birthday says the Lord to you this day!! Amen and Amen.. So be it Lord! Her response and gracious words of the 2 Secrets I revealed below: Thank you so much. You have definitely confirmed things only I knew. I have been specifically praying for a son. Also God did tell me years ago he was going to be used at an early age as a child for God! So that lifted my spirit! My husband and I will let you know when we get that positive pregnancy test! C****A

If you have been encouraged by what you have read in this Blog Post please share it with as many people you may know who are searching for the true word of the lord for a request a prophecy word for their life or the life of someone that they know. Steven is the real deal and use's His Gift from God for GODS glory alone. So go and request a prophecy word today and be amazed for your Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus the Lord, Blessings now.


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