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Request Personal Prophetic Word from Prophet Steven Today!

Are you searching for a REAL person who can here the True Word of the Lord 4 your life in Christ Jesus? Social Media has completely polluted the Real Gift of the Prophetic Mantle in the 21st century church. It seems everyone calls themselves a Prophet or Apostle or they Claim to have a supernatural direct connection with the almighty and will give Generic bible versed Prophecy and tell you that God has spoken to them with a thus say the Lord for your life and then beg you to donate into their fake piece of paper that says they are a minister of God. Sadly, these individual's are all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, or any other Social Media outlet nowadays. Its the technology of the age that has corrupted these individual's for PROFIT not Prophet! If you are searching to here a TRUE man of God with a REAL Gift to Prophesy the Word of the Lord into and over your life, Let me Introduce you to Steven Robert Svec is such a Gifting from the Almighty since His Birth with Testimonies following His Words of Prophecy to all that seek His counsel at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Go to his website now and read over 80+ Testimonies of people just like yourself who received a request personal prophecy online from Steven. He has 8 different prophecy option to choose from for just about every are of your life including Love & Relationships and Jobs & Career Prophecy options and many more that are SPECIFIC to your request. That's why His Ministry and TRUE Gift of the Prophetic Mantle is so mind blowing because you will realistically be speechless as he releases the TRUE word of the Lord into your life dear friend at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Many say they can Prophesy but they can't back it up and they call themselves Prophets all over Social Media. The biggest tell tale sign of a fake Prophet is they will say come to my website or my social media platform and me or my TEAM will prophesy to you for Free? They are bait and switching you and tricking you to click on their website and then beg you for money because they say they are a Prophet and if you bless them God will bless you because you blessed a Prophet and will receive a Prophets reward. FAKE FAKE FAKE don't be tricked dear friends, don't let these evil and Money minded individuals steal your hard earned money for a bible verse they will call personal prophecy.

If you have been blessed and encouraged in this blog post and enlightened into what a TRUE GIFTED person and True Prophet of the most High is supposed to be like in Steven, please share this post and visit His Ministry website and request your own real request personal prophetic word online here at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Amen and God bless you all in Jesus the Christ!


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