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TURKEY "The Country of Tremors will Shake the Ground of Revival"

These are words and Predictions and Prophecies of what I mostly hear not so much see as the Lord reveals to me concerning Countries and Nations of the World as the Spirit of the Lord spoke recently to me about the Country of Turkey. So shall this Country one day see Revival AFTER the ground will shake and people will run to take cover and Hide as a Sign of a MAJOR Earthquake of 7.8 will bring and usher in the Revival of the Gospel of Christ to the Country that divides 2 Continents but will spread the Fires of Revival through the Waterways that will carry the Vibration of the Tremors of Revival even unto the 2 Continents of Europe and Asia says the the Lord.

TURKEY, the Spirit of the Lord would say to you this day, even as Your Heritage is that of Folk Lore that have come from the eyes of the Grey Wolf, so shall this one day change as Your Country Lineage will change and Your Nations Dominant Religion will change as many will come to the saving Grace and knowledge of My Son, even as the rights of Men and Woman will truly become equal in the eyes of NEW Leadership and a NEW Government will Emerge that will cause many to change their Thought Process as My Spirit will draw them unto My Son, so shall there come a day and month and year that will SHAKE Your Country and SHAPE your Country as Help will come from the four corners of the Earth as Devastation will bring Salvation on a day that will come without notice and without warning says the Spirit of The Lord to You this very day 2/19/2024

Prophet Steven Robert Svec

Servant of the Lord

World Prophecies and Predictions Turkey 2/19/2024


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