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Psalms 63:2 " To SEE thy power and thy glory, so as I have SEEN thee in the Sanctuary"

The Entire Psalms of 63 was a Psalm of David as he was Hiding from his enemies in the Wilderness of Judah. David was odiously Lonely and seemingly know one to confide in as to what His Soul was going through and Possibly if even Adonai had abandoned Him. He then goes on to Praise The Creator and Reflect on the goodness of the Father to Him in His younger Years and chooses to Reflect and Meditate on His Past Victory's and even a ENCOUNTER with the Supernatural Presence of Adonai (Shekinah Glory) in the Sanctuary of the Ancient of Days Himself.

PROPHETIC INSIGHTS Revealed: When the trials and Tribulations of this life come at you and me, SOMETIMES the Remembrance of a past Experience is all we need to Propel us Forward into the Destiny that the Father has already Planned and Seen for each of us. "The Remembrance of the your PAST, can CREATE your FUTURE Destiny in Christ"

I Pray that you have been Blessed in this Post as what the Spirit has put in my Heart to speak today to ENCOURAGE all in Jesus the Christ! Blessings.

Request Your Specific Personal Prophecy from me Today, as The Holy Spirit allows as SECRETS are revealed for Your Destiny in Christ Jesus and Your Journeys on This Earth and Path made clearer to fulfill all that has been pre-destined for your life even before Time was ever created by the Creator himself eons and eons and eons ago as the Mysteries of Adonai are endless my brothers and sister in the Faith.


Prophet Steven

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