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"ANIMAL Rescue FARM Safe House Confirmation"

More Testimonies of the Word of TRUE The Lord revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman. This is another great Testimony as the Prophetic Word was released into this woman's life and confirmation was revealed as the Spirit of the Lord confirmed her hearts desire as she only knew as well as the exact Month that I predicted she would be given her answers to questions that she had me bring before the Lord on her behalf. To JESUS be all the Glory for the gifting within me to bring such Hope and Confirmation into people's lives just like yourself. Please read a portion of her Prophecy that I spoke to her and her confirming words as well of the incredible accuracy of this Prophecy. Be blessed this day.

HER Prophecy is below and my Insights for PROPHETIC Interpretation:

Even as the everyday trials and circumstances of life can make one's thought process cloudy at times and the decisions that can be made in a time of turmoil. So shall these hinderance's be set free as you will be traveling into your NEW demographic in my perfect timing says the Lord. But now is the time for complete surrender. Even as the thoughts of money and housing and carrying on the family tradition shall present itself to you in the coming season of the Lord. I will cause the release of all these issues to be a complete memory of the past and the NEW path that has been prepared for you and even the ones that you love will flow with complete freedom to be who you are supposed to be in me says the Lord. The questions that are within your mind now will be covered with the assurance of the realization of who you are in me and your truest self will be realized and the Gifts that I have placed within your DNA even before you were birthed onto the earth on that day. So look to the month of JUNE as a time of realization and discovery will once again come full circle before you my daughter. Even as it was in the days of your Youth, so shall the remembrance of these talents and dreams be brought again to the forefront of your mind and destiny will once again be realized as the scenery of your location will change, so shall the timing of the Lord be perfect and the feeling of completeness and wholeness will fill your hearts desire says the Lord to you this day my Daughter.. Amen and Amen...


MY Insights for her concerning the Prophecy above: Read below now as I call out ANIMALS and the Month of JUNE to her.

I feel that as was spoken and strong within my Spirit when I was Prophesying to you that the month of JUNE and actually into the summertime will bring more of a quickening into your spirit of what the Lord will have you be doing shortly. There is something about this timeframe that will significant to your specific question above about what you should be doing for the lord. I see you like a halfway house or a place of rest that will be like a knocking on your door. My Impressions as I am typing is that you will have a kind of ministry that will not only reach out to people, but to ANIMALS if this makes sense. I know this may sound a bit different, but this is what I am picking up from the Holy Spirit as I am typing this for you. I see you almost like a veterinarian or someone that will be caring for animals or like a rescue for ANIMALS, dogs, cats, horses' , pigs, etc. This may sound different, but I feel that you will be like a foster home to animals and helping out in this kind of arena for people. But I feel this or whatever the lord has in mind will give you much fulfillment in your everyday life as if you are giving back to the community and be very involved in the community where you are or will be living. Okay... so I Pray that this will make more sense to you in the future and even in the present within your spirit as well. I Pray that you have been blessed and encouraged this day in Christ Jesus and HOPE has been given a platform for you dreams to become reality in the Father of all...

I have the impression of a FRUIT STAND or something to do with a small store and I see animals all around as well...

HER Personal Gracious response back to me for what I Prophesied and Spoke concerning her Future and Her Love for ANIMALS and the Month of JUNE I Prophesied now March 2nd 2017 the above Prophecy. "BE AMAZED!!"

You had me in tears at work as I read this. We have made plans to move in JUNE. We are moving to ten acres of bare land. Just last night I was having to downsize my animals, since I can't take them all with me. There are two goats that have been together since birth, in fact one is the mother of the other. And... I was SO happy to find a "home" for them where they will be together... as fur babies, and not just part of a "herd". I was crying... so relieved! My husband doesn't understand my attachment to animals... but, they are Gods creatures... with feelings, emotions... they get hungry, thirsty, hot, cold... I try to consider that.

So excited to hear there will be a place for them at our new home. I was hoping the farm would be the ONLY source of income one day... and have often wanted a fruit stand.

Thank you for taking the time to ask the Lord on my behalf... very encouraging! I have so much to look forward to!!!!

REQUEST YOUR SPECIFIC PERSONAL PROPHECY TODAY, 4 YOUR FUTURE TOMORROW MY FRIENDS. What GOD Prophesied to this woman with such precise accuracy, HE WILL DO FOR YOU. Blessings to all this day.



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