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"Look to the North Love Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the Word of The Lord revealing the SECRETS of men and woman. What a great testimony you are about to read as I prophesied to this young woman about her destiny concerning her question as to Relationship and helpmate for her. I brought this SPECIFIC question before the Lord on her behalf and received astounding clarity revelation for her concerning the person she would meet in her FUTURE which was literally a month or so as this word came to pass for her and what to look for as a Supernatural sign to her that her helpmate would repeat the exact words that I prophesied to her to look for as a sign to her in regards to her Relationship concerns of a helpmate for her life. Read below parts of her Prophecy and her INCREDIBLE response to the spot-on accuracy of the Word of the Lord to her through the Gifting within me. To JESUS be all the Glory and Honor! Be amazed and read her Prophecy below, Blessings.

VISION AND PROPHECY to her: March 18th 2017

I am being shown a vision of you driving in a car? I have the Impression of NORTH as if this is where you are heading in what seems to be a trip or possibly a move. I see that the car is packed full with suitcase's and clothing. I feel as if you will be making a move or a geographical re-location in your near future from what I am being shown and what I sense from the Spirit. I see your face and I have the Impression of happiness and sadness at the same time. It's as if you have been looking forward to leaving to get to this place and I have a strong Impression of driving NORTH. I asked the Spirit what he is trying to convey with this scene before me. This is what I hear for you this day Jessie. Even as the hands of time are moving forward for you in the season that is knocking at your door. So shall their be a awakening within your spirit to begin to spread your wings and fly says the Lord. The day is quickly approaching that you will once again love and fall in love again as the NORTH will re-awaken your zest for life. There shall be a crossing of paths that will start in the next season of your walk before me. Look to the Month of AUGUST as the heat of the summer months will bring a sweat that will be like tears falling from your face. So shall this be a sign that the one that has been set aside for your destiny in me and there shall be a divine encounter as your spirit will leap for joy and the words of this Prophecy will be quickened to your spirit and the word of the Lord shall begin to plant the seed of fertility within your mindset as this one shall cross your path and the timing of the Lord is perfect, and destiny will be revealed and a union will merge and a friendship will be established says the Lord to you this day my Daughter. Amen and Amen..


I feel from what was shown and revealed for you Jessie is a strong friendship will come before you shortly. it's kind of different my impressions from the spirit about this. I feel that you have met this person before or in passing as if a friend or a friends friend. I feel that the vision of you driving NORTH is a way the spirit is trying to relay information for you. Gods language and interpretation is different from what may seem obvious. I am impressed to say that this one that will become more apart of your life shortly has a connection to the NORTH somehow. I don't know where you live or reside and even in the United States or abroad. But a sign for you from the lord will be this individuals connection to the NORTH of where you live. are my best insights for you for relationship.

HER response back to me: April 5th 2017 ( just 3 weeks after I Prophesied to her)

Sooooo.. your prophecy came to mind! I recently went to a Jodi Benson concert in Orlando Florida! And I met with a friend and new friend! Well anyways!! The 1st friend I met her name is Beth and I met her back in July 2015.. well I met this girl named Brie through her! So I finally met Brie over this last weekend.. and she had a friend named Andrew! Well he is a friends "friend" and he's my friend now too! That's what blows my mind was you said I'm gonna make this connection with a friends "friend" shortly and I did! He is also from up NORTH! And I found out we have a lot of things in common he too is also a Christian like Beth and Brie! As so am I! :) Well anyways.. Andrew was there attending both concerts like me and Beth that day and Brie went to the 8 p.m. one with us.. which was a Jodi Benson concert. She lives up north of Georgia! And you said that... the person who I will meet will be connected to the NORTH somehow! Well isn't that it? Do you see what I'm saying? Jodi Benson is from up north from Savannah and that's one special connection that me and Beth Andrew and Brie have in common! That's what blew my mind! Andrew is from up north.. we met shortly after the 1st show and it was a HUGE CONNECTION! 😯 Now I don't know if he's the one or not but. I had to message u all this!!! When the guy said he's from up NORTH my heart just dropped! My mind went straight to what you said!


What a great testimony of the TRUE Word of The Lord coming to pass as Prophesied. I also mentioned the month of AUGUST which I believe will be giving her more clarity of the Prophecy and what the Lord has in store for her and her future and relationships in her walk and journey on this earth. What God did for her HE can do for you my friends. Request your SPECIFIC personal prophecy today, 4 YOUR future tomorrow in Christ Jesus today! God is so good and has a word for your future, Blessings to all..


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