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"Skeptic Turned Believer Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the TRUE Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! You are about to read another great Testimony of the Gift of God within me to bring Hope and Encouragement into people's lives as a request came from a man who I have Prophesied to many times in the past and was very accurate in speaking the Word of The Lord into his life but this time he wanted me to bring a request question before the Lord for his Sister who has been a skeptic of my Gift and Ministry in the past. She didn't believe in the Prophetic word and into today's world who could blame her with so many people calling themselves Prophets and say that they have a Special Gift from God and in reality, they don't and have given the Personal Prophecy Movement a tarnished name and especially for the few like myself who the Lord has called and anointed with verified confirmed Testimonies just like this one you will be reading dear friends. I give all the Glory and Honor to JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Savor for every single Prophecy that comes to pass as spoken through me by the Holy Spirit. Enjoy this really cool Testimony and Request your Personal Prophecy from me Today as there are now 8 different Prophecy Options you can choose from for every arena of your life. God Bless you and to JESUS be all the Glory because what he did for this Man and Woman you will read about; he will do for you because a True Gift within a Yielded vessel will bring Results. Real Prophecy Real Results! Amen and Amen.

Prophecy Request Question: (Ask your own 1 Question Prophecy Option)

Hello Steven, It's me again. I have been telling my sister D*****h (who was a huge skeptic about personal prophetic words being legitimate until I told her about you being so accurate. I actually forwarded your words for me to her, and she was amazed) about you and she and her husband N**k are in a dilemma. They are really wondering about where they are supposed to move as they really feel that they should be leaving California soon. So, the question is when and where are they going to be moving to. Thanks Steven, May God bless you!!!!!!

Word of The Lord Prophecy revealed below on August 28th, 2018

As I brought your request before the Lord concerning your sister and her husband I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions from the Spirit and the Gift of God within me reveal as I have the Impression of NORTH and I feel like saying NORTHEAST direction for them. I have the Impression of and even SEE in the Spirit MOUNTAINS and I feel inspired to say GLACIER PARK as if this is going to be a significant kind of landmark for them to be around. I have the expression of FRESH AIR and I want to say MOUNTAIN AIR as if this will also connect for them in where their travels will be taking them. I see mountains, I hear fresh air and I also hear 2019 is going to be a positive time frame for them to take a "Leap of Faith" is what I hear in the Spirit concerning their futures says the Lord. I don't feel this move will take them across the entire country, I feel it will be more from one time zone to another if this makes sense from where they presently reside. I see all 4 seasons of the Earth being experienced and even climate and weather changes will be very evident to specify the seasons says the Lord. okay... These are my Insights for them, and I pray that they are blessed and encouraged in what the Spirit has revealed to them this day in Christ Jesus the Lord! Amen and Amen.

Prophecy Confirmation below as confirmed:

Just to let you know my sister and her husband are moving to Salt Lake City. There are mountains and fresh air.

It is to the Northeast one time zone from California where they are now.

It WAS a leap of faith as they do not have a job in Salt Lake. Everything you said was accurate but just perhaps not the Glacier Park although there is a Glacier RD in Salt Lake,

My sister was greatly encouraged by this word

Thanks again!

What a Great Word as I Predicted the Direction of their move and Specifics in the Surroundings and even time zones and the timing of 2019 being the year this would come to pass as verified. This woman was encouraged and is now a believer in my Ministry and Gift and to JESUS be all the Glory my friends. P.S. The Glacial Park was actually the Glacial Rd that they moved right next to. Sometimes Interpretation in the hardest to get Specific in the Prophetic at times, what a Great Testimony of God's Gift within me. To JESUS be all the Glory...

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