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"Miracle Baby Prediction Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! You are about to read another Great Testimony of the Gift of God within me as I Prophesied back in January of 2019 to a woman who requested the "ask your own 1 question Prophecy" as she wanted to know if it was God's will for her to conceive and bring to Term for a child to be born to her and her husband because she had 2 previous miscarriages and Doctors had only given her bad news for her to even get pregnant again let alone bring the pregnancy to term for a child to be born to her and start a family that she and her husband wanted so badly. I inquired on her behalf before the Lord and Prophesied that she would get pregnant again and bring the child to term and I even call out that it would be a Boy and also gave her Holy Ghost Instructions of what to begin doing to bring her Prophecy to pass as instructed by the Lord. Please read below her Prophecy and have your Faith increased for Your Miracle Breakthrough Prophecy through the Gift of God within my friends. To JESUS do I give all the Praise and Honor whenever a Prophecy comes to pass as Spoken through this Ministry and Gifting of the Lord. Amen and Amen!

HER REQUEST: I have 2 times miscarriage. We have put a lot of efforts, praying, fasting, seeing doctors. I just want to know What God says about this situation, is there any hope to conceive and have a child?


As I brought your request before the Lord dear sister, I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions from the Holy Spirit of God reveal that it is God's will that you would conceive a 3rd child that will come to term says the Lord. You have 2 children already dear sister from your miscarriage's and they are in Heaven and growing and learning. I am not allowed to give you anymore information concerning them now, but I Prophesy to you that you will see them both one day as you will cross the veil into eternity yourself one day and they will greet you with open arms and even call you Mother says the Lord. NOW, with that said and revealed by the Holy Spirit 4 U, my Impressions speak of a 3rd child that will be conceived and will come to term as the Favor of the Lord will be with you and a Son will come before your family one day says the Lord. This is what I want you to begin doing every day in your quiet time with the Lord. Job 22:28 says this "Thou shalt also DECREE a thing and it shall be established unto you, and the light will follow you all thy days" Decreeing is not praying, again I will say that DECREEING is not praying, there is a big difference. Most Christians don't realize the power that is within them to speak into existence and create their own future as there body's line up with what the Word of God says about them and who they are in Christ Jesus. I want you to begin to DECREE every day and speak with authority into your atmosphere and release your faith to believe for a child. Do this as long as it takes for you to again conceive and than rest in your Faith that God will bring that baby to term and be born into your Earthly family. It doesn't matter what doctors say or any kind of physical limitations you might have or even your husband. God moves on FAITH. God moves on FAITH. This is the most powerful way to move the hand of God in your life and for any situation dear sister. This is like a Holy Ghost Prescription that the Lord moves upon me to release the anointed word of God into peoples lives like yourself. I have had great success with people of all walks of life and physical conditions to financial situations that the Lord brings a Miracle to their situation when they begin to DECREE into existence their destiny according to God's Holy Word over their life and MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Begin doing this dear sister and I will believe with you as well that by the end of this year of 2019 you will be with child and I believe by my Insights revealed that it will be a Boy and bring great Joy and even Laughter to your Household says the Lord to you this day my Daughter. Amen and Amen!


Hi Steven,

I want to share some news with you. First of all, I want to thank our Lord Jesus that He connect me with you.

Last year, I asked you about having a child. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any expectation about the prophecy that you told me, including to decree the word of God. Still, I did what you told me to decree everyday.

Unexpectedly, in May 2019, I got pregnant for the third time. I didn’t have any high expectation considering my previous miscarriages. I don’t believe that this pregnancy will go smoothly.

In January 2020, I have gave birth a healthy baby boy.

I really thank God that He uses you to pass His word.

I pray that God bless you abundantly.

Thank you

Scroll to the top of this Testimony and Request Your Personal Prophecy from me dear friend. There are presently 8 different Prophecy Options for Specific Personal Prophecy on my Ministry website to choose for every arena of your life. What the Lord Revealed for this woman and her family HE can do for You. I want You to be the next Great Testimony of God's Gift within me, Amen and Amen. Thank You JESUS....

In His Love and Service


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