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"Pastor Confirmation Reveal COVID-19"

More Testimonies of the Word of The Lord revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! You are about to read a NOW Word Testimony that I felt lead of the Holy Spirit to share will everyone during the Times we are all living in Now. I recently Prophesied to a man who unbeknownst to me and was Hidden from me by the Lord on purpose that would make His Prophecy even more impactful in regards to what the Spirit revealed to me for Him in the Immediate season He is in because this man is called of the Lord in Ministry and Pastors and Shepherds a Apostolic Church. The Word of the Lord was released into His life and confirmed that He made the right decision of starting to do His Church services through Social Media and on-line access for His congregation that the Lord has entrusted into His care. The times that we are all living in my brothers and sisters is that of great great deception of the enemy that because of this horrible virus has even diluted the minds of some Maverick Ministry's you see now on the Social Media Platform telling people not to wear a mask and to go to church without fearing that nothing will happen and do your best to social distance and they won't be susceptible to catching the virus and to Trust their Faith, and even some Pastors feeling the pressure to keep their doors open so not to feel the guilt or ridicule of their fellow clergyman and such. My brothers and Sisters we are all in this together and God has given us His Word and Wisdom and Common sense to get through this Time in History that we are all living now. The COVID-19 virus will pass eventually and life will get back to normal and then a New Normal will be realized and we will all be the Wiser. Wisdom is the Key and not Revival at this Time in History as some Ministers who call themselves Revivalist on the Social media Platform are saying and preaching as their followers are cheering them on with likes, smiley faces, flames of fire as they follow these few down a dark path of deception. Revival will come, but NOW is not the Time but WISDOM, she is Your Friend. Read the Prophecy below and the gracious words of confirmation from this Apostolic Pastor. To JESUS be all the Glory and Honor and always always may we keep our eyes on the Lord and not Man and Trust His Holy Word. Amen and Amen.

PROPHECY RELEASED 7/21/2020 read below.

I brought your name before the Lord my brother and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions and Insights from the Gift of God within me reveals that YOU have just entered into a season of Wisdom says the Lord.

I was shown a very short panoramic mini vision of You my brother. This kind of vision from the Spirit is short and quick as if Time is standing still in regards to what the Spirit desires to reveal and what the Lord will allow me to see on Your Behalf. I was shown you sitting and You were reading Your Bible and I had a knowing that you were reading the book of PROVERBS as the Angel of Wisdom was in this vision and SHE was expounding on the words of God's Holy Cannon and Enlightenment was being conveyed to you even on a subconscious level were my Impressions of this short scene before my Spiritual eyes 4 U. My Interpretation is that you need to use WISDOM in this present season that You are in my friend. The Lord is Highlighting this to me 4 U to use Your common sense in regards to every aspect of Your life and especially Your physical safety and to make the WISE choices that will give you long life especially in the immediate season that the entire World is actually in regards to the COVID-19 Virus. The Lord says to use Common sense and WISDOM as to the immediate environment that you find yourself in now says the Lord.

I have been receiving such Insights and Specifics in regards to this Angel of Wisdom and how she affects each and every one of our lives in Christ Jesus. WISDOM is the Key and common sense in needed to avoid pitfalls of the enemy to destroy the Plans of God in each of our lives. The Lord says to follow Your Heart and Trust the still small voice of the Holy Spirit in the coming days and months because WISDOM will guide you and keep you safe, even when Pastors and others are saying to not to worry and to come into the House of God and you will be safe, BUT the Lord is saying to be Cautious and use the voice of WISDOM and use Her for Your advantage and you will live to Pray and Worship another day, another month and another year says the Lord to you this day my Son!

Proverbs 3: 13-18

13Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, 14for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. 15She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. 16Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. 17Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. 18She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed.

This is the Word of the Lord to you this day my brother in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Greetings Prophet Steven, my Brother in Christ Jesus. Thank you for that prophecy. I receive every word of it. What you revealed is so true. In this season doing this COVID-19 I have shut down my church and we are going Live on social media @ this present moment. Many wanted me to open back up but God told me not too.As you said this is the season of wisdom. And it is profound you said that because I was praying to the Lord to give me more wisdom that I don’t make the mistakes so many have made and even many I know personally have lost their life in the pandemic by not using wisdom. When you speaking about using common sense, I wear my mask, social distancing myself, and washing my hands. This is common sense what we have to do. The Spirit of the Lord showed me that the grave is full of titles because they wouldn’t listen. Once again thank you. Thank you for the words of prophecy my friend. God bless you and always richly bless you.

Your Brother in Christ

Apostle E***** T****

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In His Love and Service


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