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Receive Your Prophetic word

I as talking to my neighbor of over 20 years and we were talking about refinancing his house and he didn't know which refinance company to inquire about this and I asked him first has he prayed about this before the Lord and did he receive any confirmation in regards to making this kind of financial commitment in refinancing his House and he said he did pray but was still not sure what to do. I told him to go and get and receive Your Prophetic word he can get from his Prophet Friend Steven because Steven operates in the Prophetic ministry for a receive your Prophetic word for people that need more confirmation in their lives for situations that come up like refinancing a Home. So my Neighbor who is a terrific guy but always wants to do things himself and is kind of stubborn in asking favors of people and especially from Friends. Well 6 months went by and he still hadn't made the decision to go and ask for a loan from his bank to refinance at a lower interest rate and I told him again, go to Prophet Steven and get and receive your Prophetic word from the Prophet of God.

NOW, 2 months later he still hadn't done this because he didn't want to ask Steven for a receive your prophetic word but I told him that he can just go to Steven's website of and make a request for a receive your prophetic word anonymously and Steven may never know who is making the request but he just sends emails to people that request their receive your Prophetic word and he does this daily and never pays attention probably to where the receive your prophetic word is going to he just Prophesy's to that person and their request for a receive your Prophetic word.

So my Neighbor friend finally did this and made his request for a receive your Prophetic word form Steven and asked the simple question for Steven to ask the Lord if he should refinance his home or just keep it and sell it and make a bundle of money. Steven told him through his receive your prophetic word that for him to sell his home and then the Lord would open up the doors of another and better home and cheaper for him to buy and use the rest of his money for his retirement fund.

NOW, 3 months later this man sold his home as Prophet Steven told him to do and he did this and then he found another home actually bigger than the one he had for over 20 years and with a bigger back yard for his 2 dogs to play in and it was fenced in as well. He is a blessed man because he finally had the nerve to ask Steven through his ministry website of the question if he should sell his home or refinance it with a receive your Prophetic word request from Steven's website and the Word of the Lord through the receive your prophetic word came to pass as Prophet Steven predicted and told my neighbor to do and the rest is history my friends. God always has the right answers for us but we need to ask him and not be so stubborn at times for a receive your Prophetic word for direction in our lives.

What a great learning experience this was for my neighbor friend, so now he tells all his new neighbors to go and ask for their receive your prophetic word if you have any questions about any arenas of your life because God always has and answer to our problems, we just need to humble our selves and ask to receive your prophetic word from him because this is his delight in HIS children to come to him for anything and receive your Prophetic word from him on a daily basis, it's just how the Father wants his children and creation to love and always come for a receive your Prophetic word at anytime that you need more confirmation in life's decisions whatever they may be, Amen!

Receive your Prophetic word today for your Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus the Lord I pray to all reading this blog post that Jesus is real and his desire to help in anyway possible for a successful life on this earth for his Glory and Kingdom name sake, as it is in Heaven, so shall it be on the earth.

More Blessings to you

Receive your prophetic word
Receive your Prophetic word


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