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Request a Personal Prophecy from Steven Svec for every arena of Your life in Christ!

How would you like to know what the Future Holds for your life in Christ every single month of the Year? There is a man of God who is truly Gifted from the Creator that has the ability to forecast the SECRETS of your life in Christ Jesus the Lord. Steven was born with a very unique ability to hear the True WORD OF THE LORD for people's lives that will bring you Hope and Encouragement in your Journey's on this Earth. Steven's Gift has been documented and tried and proven to be the Real Deal and even from His skeptics that are few now because of His Predictions into people's lives that have come to pass through His Ministry throughout the past 8 years now on the on-line Platform. He is available to all the Public through His ministry website to request a personal prophecy at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Many say they can request a personal prophecy, and many say they hear from God, but none can bring the True Word of the Lord and request a personal prophecy as the way Steven can do with such Precise and accurate validation with pinpoint accuracy that only the person that he is Prophesying to can validate as SECRETS are spoken and released that will leave you speechless as many have been if you go to his ministry website and read all the testimonies for Request a personal Prophecy just like you and me dear friends.

Request a personal prophecy in today's church has become pathetic and not prophetic with so many false prophets saying that they can request a personal prophecy into your life, and they just speak their own words and not the True word of the Lord and will actually hurt your life's path if you let such individuals speak into your life for a request a personal prophecy because if request a personal prophecy is not done correctly it can damage your progress into what the Lord is and wanting to do for your and even the ones that you love for your life.

If you're searching for meaning for your life and even for every month of your life as like a guiding light as Steven's Gift is just that, His Gift is like a light house that will help you navigate life's trials and tribulations and even warn you of what lies ahead each month that will give you a blue print and perspective of what to expect each month with specifics that will make sense as your request a personal prophecy is released each month and prophesied by a Real Prophet and a Real Gifted individual you can trust for accurate perspective for request a personal prophecy and God's plans for each month in Christ Jesus the Lord.

Read the testimony below for an example of a request a personal prophecy for the month of September as Steven prophesied to a woman about a new arrival will come to her family (sister) as the month of September will be experienced and was confirmed by this woman's validation of steven's prediction for their request a personal prophecy into the woman's life. Be encouraged and read the testimony below and then go and request a personal prophecy at steven's website here for your own request a personal prophecy breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

"September Baby Prediction Prophecy Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! Here is another short but encouraging Testimony of a woman who requested her 2019 Prophecy Forecast from me back in December of last Year for this Year 2019. The Month that really brought Enlightenment to her was September of this Year 2019 which hasn't even happened yet as I Prophesied these words to her concerning the month of September 2019 (Read Below) Prophecy released December 4th, 2018: "SEPTEMBER will bring family and friends together, even as GOOD NEWS will be heard of one of your Kin that will bring much joy to your Household says the Lord." Her Confirmation in her own words as she contacted me back in February of this Year 2019 concerning the GOOD NEWS of her Sister Pregnant and expecting in September of this Year 2019 as Prophesied through me on December 4th, 2018, as I released her 2019 Forecast at that Time. Now what is really amazing is that when I Prophesied this to her for that month her sister obviously wasn't even pregnant yet or even conceived realistically until sometime in January 2019 would be a Traditional 9-month term as usual. Read in her own words below as she confirmed the Word of The Lord. Her words of Confirmation Read Below: Hi Prophet Steven, I requested for my 2019 forecast and you revealed that in September "GOOD NEWS will be heard of one of your kin's." Last night my sister told me she is expecting her first baby at that time!

The Word of the Lord is REAL within Steven Svec, and you can trust to be encouraged in Christ Jesus the Lord. What the Lord did for this woman he can do 4 U as well for every arena of Your life in Christ. Don't be fooled by all the fake social media self-proclaimed prophets who are out to steal your money. Steven's Ministry and Gift is Real from the Lord as you will be blessed tremendously and go and request a personal prophecy for each month of your life on this earth in our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ and one True God, Amen!

If you have been blessed by this blog post, please share it with as many people as you can that need the REAL WORD OF THE LORD released into their lives through this arena of request a personal prophecy today.


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