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Request a Prophecy from Steven Svec Here!

Many people are searching to receive the True word of the Lord for their lives in Christ. Many are searching but few if any come across a real gifted individual who can back up with a 100% Guarantee that what He speaks and Prophesy's for their lives will come to pass with real hope and encouragement as the holy scriptures tell us. Steven Svec, or I should say Prophet Steven is one of the few that are actually on the Planet today that will deliver a Thus what says the Lord for your life in Christ Jesus and it will come to pass as He Predicts. Born with this Gift to reveal what the Future Holds for people's lives and then himself coming to the saving grace and knowledge of Christ at a very young age just enhanced His ability from His birth from God the Father to Prophecy the word of the Lord will Specific Pinpoint accuracy that has astounding the great and small alike through the online platform at His ministry website Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request a Prophecy from steven today as the True word of the Lord is Revealed in Christ Jesus for your life dear friends. Request a prophecy for any arena of your life and Steven does this and is known worldwide without any kind of social media platforms which he actually despises. It seems everyone is a Prophet nowadays and can request a prophecy through the social media platform like Facebook or Instagram or twitter or You tube or whatever it may be these false ministries and people who are self-proclaimed prophets will give you a false prophecy very generic in nature and tell you that God is speaking to them for you as you request a prophecy from them and then they will ask you to donate into their PayPal account link and STEAL your money! Steven has actually called many of these individual out for request a prophecy and challenged them to a Word of the Lord debate to see who actually has a TRUE gift from God and none of them have accepted His challenge on anyone of their social media platforms. They are ALL fake because they are faking it till you make it type ministries that just want to steal your money with a request prophecy word from God.

Request a Prophecy Today for Your Future Tomorrow from Prophet Steven dear friends. He is the real deal at request a prophecy, and you will be encouraged, and real hope will be established in your life for every arena of your life in Christ the Lord. Request a prophecy is a valuable Gift to the church of Jesus Christ especially in the times that we are all living in now. The world is in turmoil with the Corvid -19 virus still and the political arena is so flawed and corrupt that one needs to hear the true request a prophecy for their lives in Christ Jesus the Lord to bring real hope and real confirmed request a prophecy that will come to pass as spoken through a yielded vessel that carry's the true word of the Lord for people individually and even to nations. Request a prophecy from steven today and be amazed as a part of Your Future in Christ is revealed for tomorrow dear friends.

If you have been blessed by this blog post, please share it with as many people as you feel would benefit from a real request a prophecy into their lives that will bring real change and confirmation into their lives as it was always meant to be through the Creator of all Adonai Elohim Jesus the Christ!


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