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Request a prophetic word 4 Romance and Love today as a part of your destiny in Christ Jesus be revealed through a real Gifted man Steven Svec. The Lord has gifted Steven with a divine anointing for request a prophetic word 4 romance and love for people worldwide. Request a prophetic word from Steven and be marveled at the Lord's accuracy through this gifted individual with testimonials following his words and predictions in the arena of request a prophetic word. Many say they can Prophesy and send you a request a prophetic word, but they are just scamming you with false hope to give them money. Request a prophetic word through Steven and receive the True word of the lord for your life in Christ Jesus today. You can do this at his ministry website and request a prophetic word today at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request a prophetic word from a true Gifted man in Steven Svec and begin to understand what it means to hear the heart of Gog for any situation for your life's path. Request a prophetic word 4 Romance & Love and find your helpmate evenly yoked in your Faith in Christ the Lord. Request a prophetic word and receive direct revelation from heaven and receive the real request a prophetic word and not a fake bible verse request a prophetic word and be encouraged in Christ the Lord. There is the real request a prophetic word and there is the fake request a prophetic word. Steven carries the true request a prophetic word within him since his birth and will reveal the heart of the Father for your situation in every arena of your life dear friend. You can click the link below and request a prophetic word from Steven at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request a prophetic word today and receive the true word of the lord in Christ Jesus. Read below is a testimony that is on Steven's website and be encouraged for your specific request a prophetic word breakthrough for yourself or even a friend. Request a prophetic word today and realize your destiny in the Lord through Steven's Gifting of request a prophetic word 4 love and romance or any arena of your life, read below testimony and then request a prophetic word today, blessings to all in Chris the Lord!

Request a Prophetic Word Testimony:

Love and Destiny's Second chance Prophecy:

More Testimonies of the True Word of the Lord revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! Here is another Amazing Prophecy that the Gift of God within me Predicted this man's 2nd chance at Love and Relationship as he was divorced for 10 yrs. now and wasn't necessarily looking for anyone to settle down again with as he requested the Love & Romance Prophecy Option that I offer on my website. The Word of the Lord revealed to him through his Prophecy of Specific Months to be aware of and uncanny Specifics and exact words the Spirit spoke through me of things to look for as he was reunited with an old college girlfriend of 39 yrs. ago and they were married this past June 22nd 2018 and I Prophesied to him on June 6th of 2017 almost 1 year to the exact day and he is married and happy and has an extended family of 7 total now. To God be all the Glory and JESUS my Lord and Savior to use me in such a way that brings such Hope into people's lives. Read the Prophecy below and his comments of the exact words that brought tears of JOY to his eyes as only God can do. I am always AMAZED my friends!

His Prophecy 6/6/2017

As I brought your request before the Lord for you C**L I have the Impression of 3 months that I feel will be impacting your life in the Future in the arena of Love & Romance. I see AUGUST and OCTOBER of this year 2017 and I see MARCH of next year 2018 as being significant as well. I share everything that the Spirit shows me when I ask specific questions. I am being shown you rocking a cradle of a baby in Heaven as I am typing this Prophecy presently. I feel that this is something symbolic more than physical reality are my immediate impressions which is what I have learned to trust when receiving from the Spirit. I feel that the vision of the baby in Heaven is something that you have been praying about that will finally be birthed into the natural and YES, I do feel this is going to be one of a relationship for you. I feel that something that will start in AUGUST into OCTOBER will be like laying the groundwork for this individual to cross your path. I feel that you have actually met each other before, but the Lord is saying that "Know, she is not out of your league" this is what I hear, I see you moving forward with this person. I see you going to church together, I see you going out to best I can describe is a coffee shop or diner for dinner. I feel moving on into next year 2018 and the month MARCH is going to be the real door that will be giving you the most opportunity to SEIZE THE MOMENT I hear in the Spirit. Something about MARCH will really be a time for this baby I keep on seeing in Heaven being birthed into the natural if this makes sense. I feel that this particular time frame will give you the most JOY and HAPPINESS as your family will be introduced possibly as a friendship will merge and destiny's will be given another chance says the Lord to you this day.... Amen and Amen...

His Words of Confirmation and the reuniting of his college girlfriend 7 months ago and their recent marriage last month June 22, 2018.

This last year you gave me a prophecy that I would marry, and it would be someone I knew. I still didn't know if it was to restore my marriage or if it would be someone else. I was actually fine on my own and life has been very good, so I wasn't looking for anyone new.

About 7 months ago I reconnected with someone I met in college when she was 17 (39 years ago), and we dated some in college. We've kind of kept in touch over the years, but never thought anything about it other than just keeping up with an old friend. We have since married and I feel like all of the fairy tale books, she has been a huge blessing to me. God has given us prophetic words about our relationship, dreams and visions, and we see His mercy and kindness in it.

More SPECIFICS BELOW of The Prophecy as He confirmed the Timeline and months that I Predicted would have meaning to him.

Wow, that prophecy, and one other you gave me, was amazing.

March was when I turned the corner in my feelings and direction with my wife R***a. I was just "going to be buddies" because for 10 years I had felt the Lord leading me not to move on or date after my divorce. I thought it was because he would restore the marriage. We were looking back over the timeline yesterday and March is when important decisions were made in my heart to consider moving into a romantic relationship. And yes, my turnaround, and the marriage was pretty quick, I normally check every angle and talk to every person i know before making decisions. I felt the Lord telling me that I had all I needed to make this decision, so I did.

We met when she was 17 and we were in college. We dated some during that time, and now, 39 years later we are married.

some of the wording in the prophecy below stuck out to me:

1) Seize the moment - I really felt that during the March/April time frame, to move ahead and there was no reason to delay.

2) She has had a hard past, but always signs her Facebook posts with "Joy, Joy, Joy", so when you said "will give you the most Joy" it jumped out at me.

3) She has always wanted seven kids, she has five (yes, five), so i was actually excited to build a relationship with them. Add into that my two kids and we have seven. So, when you said, "as your family will be introduced".

4) We have had an internal joke about "merging" when we would talk about marriage, and how life "merges". We've also been friends for 39 years. Your statement ""as a friendship will merge" was poignant.

5) She told me a story of how, after college, we had met up in San Diego. I was dating someone, and when I left, she knew she had "let something go", she just had a sense that I was gone, and she had lost an opportunity. So, when you said "destiny's will be given another chance" it was very powerful.

Also, in another word you said that I'd marry someone I knew, wow.

What a great word!



What a great Testimony! Please share with as many people that you know are looking to hear the true word of the lord and request a prophetic word from Steven today and be amazed!


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